Monday, October 01, 2007

Just Checking-In

I can't stand seeing the pimple post any more, but I am short on free time and computer time. We had a full and fun weekend. We did get the house totally mostly sufficiently clean and I am happy about that. Thank you everyone for commenting on Steve. Yes, we have a bird. His $12.00 clearance sale cage sealed the deal + it rained and all the "found bird" signs are washed out notices about a found blob... it's fate. He's cute and the cats think we brought them live entertainment.

Geoff's laptop died suddenly, followed by the computer the boys built with their dad 4 years ago, so now I am sharing my iPrecious with 3 geeks... oh, woe is me. Geoff and I make sly moves to get to the Internet first. I saw this really cool fish chasing a fish thingy made with keyboard symbols (William will intervene and tell me the real name of these little icons.) OKay. Time's up... William and Alex are ready to finish their homework, and I suppose I can find something useful to do away from blogs, email and iPhoto. Sigh.


nikkipolani said...

I feel just the same when my computer's, borrowed. I wondered how your other pets would feel about Steve. Nikki literally throws a hissy fit when there's another animal in the house. She's a wee bit territorial, you think?

Tracy said...

Oh, DH and I Used to be like that...we called it tag team computing to throw fun on the situation. Now we have a home computer and laptop, so to each his/her own--LOL! So glad the cats are happy about Steve...At least they're not trying to eat him yet! Glad you check in...Happy days finding pc time and much else ((HUGS))

kimsherrod said...

I miss the pretty pictures and the are my chicken take me guess I'll have to go do something useful around here....My Sister got some better news- she may have an operation to remove the bad duct that might be causing some damage to her liver and maybe it will regenerate and she'll be ok. Her name is Laura- say a prayer. I am off to my new job as a housemaid- Picture Hazel without the uniform (teehee) Mon-Wed-Fri. Fabric money babe! anyway- have a great day! xoxoxox kim

Tarie said...

The other day I was editing glossaries on fibers, fabrics, textile manufacturing, garments, etc. and I thought of you. :)