Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Giving Thanks

My last post has generated so many kind and thoughtful comments, I feel... I feel stuff I don't quite know how to express... It's pride, and honor, and gratitude and astonishment, amusement. Thank you for your praise and encouragement and feedback. Thank you for the world's kindest, most generous "Imaginary Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation"ever!... (and I accept... please set imaginary plates for 6 more, and save me a drumstick, please!) I know there are more elaborate blogs and blogs that get a few more visitors per hour. I have never focused on a particular theme or agenda, except to say this is what's happening with us, what's new with you? All I have ever wanted of Chickenblog is to share and to hear from interested people, so that a conversation could develop, so that we could enjoy an exchange. And now I have a terrific journal, which our own family enjoys and references, and I have more friends, new acquaintances, fellow bloggers, moms, crafters, cooks, gardeners, family and I just love hearing from all of you! I am lucky.

Immortalized in poetry, remembered fondly for carrying us safely to many destinations, across borders, in snow, heat, rain, off-road and across river beds: Our Big Blue Whale. Born in Wisconsin in 1995 and adopted by our family in 1997, Big Blue Whale was more than a mode of transport, it was a shelter, a safe haven, a wild ride. It endured many adventures. It never disappointed me... I always told Geoff that my expectations of it were so low, that it could never fail. I drove it for 6 years, and used it to make our big move to El Rancho, and on two adventurous trips to Mexico, + countless other road trips, and home improvement missions.

For the last couple of years I have begged Geoff to give up the Whale... the weird steering, bad smelling, self accelerating, weak brakes, door jamming, heat failing beast, with the busted driver's seat. The Whale gave us the best that it could, and now it has been donated away. May it bless its new owners with safe rides and good times.

Thank you Blue Whale.


nikkipolani said...

We loves ya, Natalie.
(and I love that Maria's boops)

Tracy said...

Hi, Natalie! My the Blue Whale sail on...Happy Day, my friend, you are a sweetie! ((HUGS))

Oiyi said...

Hehehe...I love the name that you gave your car.

Anonymous said...

Adios to the whale! Is William's expression one of general teenager-hood, or is he lamenting the loss of a potential set of wheels for the newest driver in the family?

Natalie said...

Our poor teenager wanted to be inside "finishing school work"... does that sound right? Maybe he was just not too keen on helping his Dad *gut* the Whale!

happy zombie said...

What a great post Natalie. You described many of the same reasons why I blog... you just did it a gazillion times better then I ever could.

I'm so thankful I've found you... and I'd save you a drumstick any day. Though in my family you're more apt to be saved a tamale.