Monday, November 26, 2007

This and That and Buttercream Frosting

This is a Monday morning sum-up post. Short and sweet.

We met friends in the park and we walked and talked. We enjoyed music and flowers and catching-up. Today Patrick and Kelly are finishing a 3 day visit to the Magic Kingdom... Lucky!

Speaking of "Lucky," I am the lucky ducky this week. I happen to be a winner in Missy's Spring Green Things 50th post celebration. Lucky for me her sweet baby girl likes pulling names from a hat, because I get to be the runner-up in Missy's give-away.

Geoff and the boys have been making progress in the garage... unpacking and organizing. Besides getting a brighter and safer garage, I am the fortunate beneficiary of long lost sewing supplies and projects, like Max's appliqued snowman from 2 years ago... I wondered were those were.

And in the same box I found another little project I started. Sunday afternoon I got to resume stitching this giraffe in place, and hopefully, this time, I will actually finish this WIP in time for Christmas. All over the blogosphere I read about clever crafters and artists working hard for a handmade Christmas.

Of course all of these projects and ambitions can be quite daunting, especially when there are so many fun things to choose from. I have been inspired and overwhelmed just from gazing at the daily tutorials featured at "Sew Mama, Sew!"

Where to begin?! Which brings me back to home life... 4 of us are sick now... feh. No one who went out to dinner with us last night is going to be too happy to hear we were like social petri dishes. Sorry. Well, sickness aside, we had so much fun sitting around the big table, catching up and feasting on pastas, pizzas and salads. It's something of a tradition we have with James and Deanne, Holly and Rich, Sharise and Kevin, and all of our children, to meet for dinner out, where no one has to cook or clean. And last night we added an early birthday sing-along for Maria, complete with vanilla cupcakes and buttercream frosting.

The sick children are reading and/or napping and I am finishing this post, so I can use the last of my gumption to complete a few errands.

I wonder, how do you count the days until Christmas? Do you count today? Do you include Christmas day in the count, or stop at Christmas Eve? Would you count Christmas Eve or just assume you've arrived at the countdown destination? Sometimes the boys only count the school days, assuming all the other days will be happy, busy days that are part of the holiday fun. Gee whiz... such deep thoughts and I'm not even taking cough syrup, yet.


  1. Social petri dishes...tee crack me up Natalie! so sorry to hear about you being sickies. Lifting you all in prayer for a quick recovery.

    I will be snuggling up on the couch tonight (Heros junkie that I am)working on your special surprise winnings. I'm so excited, I hope you like it!

  2. Hey- Can you get some Airbourne in that house? Maybe buy some of those suits they where when there is a zombie outbreak? asmat? what? eh? hasmat? hazmat? where is Fred? Not home from work yet. humph! Sadie can't talk or she'd tell me, I'm sure! Sorry you guys are sick. I need to know what size Maria is- if you don't mind telling me. I have something special and I just need to know - she looks tiny. anyway! I am gonna go get something for dinner and then watch Heroes, myself. Tomorrow Waitress comes out and I am buying it and might even bake another pie to eat for watching it! Pretty soon, they'll be knocking out the wall with a big sledgehammer so I can get out- maybe Richard Simmons can come do a Special! teehee! I love you, sistah! get better soon! kim

  3. Man, I must be missing something Good... that's two Heroes fans in a row!
    Yes, we gotta get healthy, so thank you for prayers and humor. My mom will call soon and ask whether we are washing our hands etc... I love it!
    I want to see "Waitress," but right now I am enchanted with "Enchanted..." it's wonderful + I can't wait to see "Hairspray" again. Hmmm... an actual perk to being a sickie... I can lounge around in my jammies and watch chick flicks! As if!

  4. I've heard good things about Enchanted as well. And I want to see Bella. Your mentioning buttercream frosting has got me wanting some - cupcake optional ;-) Hope you are all well soon. Hugs

  5. Buttercream frosting...oh, me want some cake now! I'm thinking of making red velvet cupcakes for Christmas this year, actually with buttercream frosting. ;o) Here in Norway, Christmas is celebrated on Dec. 24th, Christmas Eve. And that day is including in the count down, making it 24 days. We're not too fixed on our count down, we do light advent candles each week though, and use that as a cozy time to relax, have treats and relfect and look forward to the holidays ahead. Looks like you've got a great start to the holidays happening...Just hope all of you will be well soon to enjoy all the prep. and fun! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

  6. Did you know that pansies are edible and make wonderful cupcake toppers? Just call me Martha.

    Hope you guys are feeling better soon.

  7. That is a gorgeous pansy! I was just pansy shopping, clearly too late for the gorgeous ones. Hey, love that geeky side of you about the days before Xmas. Or was it Max who insisted that you get it right???

  8. It's only been two days since this post -- but I miss you! :)

  9. Nat- C'Mon! Get well, already!!!!! I'm lonely here! I am dragging Mr Fred to see Enchanted this weekend. I have heard how good it was from so many people! I just walked Sadie to the Post Office- about 1/2 a mile and you would think she just ran the Boston Marathon!!!! such panting! I gotta go ride my bike to the library now- return some books and burn off some pie! I love you and your bunch- hope you get well soon! :) Kim

  10. Love the snowman and the giraffe!
    Get all well soon! Greetings from a rainy, cloudy and very grey Belgium.
    Your house looks so bright, wish I could have that light here now...

  11. Hey Natalie...

    That cupcake really looks good! I love butter cream frosting too...yummy! Love your photo of the sweet little pansy, one of my favorite flowers with their sweet little faces. You and your family enjoy your coming weekend...



  12. I love your blog and all the fun projects you're doing. Your kids are beautiful!

  13. Officially we count down the 24 days from Dec 1 to Dec 24, although most mornings Dean has been doing his calculations to announce how many more days.... We got our tree last night, which is the first time in my entire life I've gotten a tree in November, but it feels really good. The nice lady at the tree lot even said that every year people have been getting their trees earlier and earlier, and that after this weekend they will be all but wiped out. Amazing.

    Happy, happy, happy birthday to Maria! 3 is a pretty big number. I am always sad on those last days, and at bedtime of that last time Dean will be whatever age. In the blink of an eye....


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