Saturday, December 01, 2007

Oh My Goodness, It's December!

I woke-up feeling giddy, a bit elated, easily amused, full of itchy anticipation. I think it's partly relief that we've finally had rain to really wash away the soot and ash that has dusted everything. And the rain sounds so lovely pattering the sidewalks, dripping from the trees, streaming down the gutters. Last night the wind started blowing too... oh it's so lovely to have a weather change, to see an excuse to snuggle under quilts and hang twinkly lights.

There's so much to do! It's December, and I still have ambitions to make gifts and finish works in progress. I have the cold, like Maria, Alex and Max, but we are forging ahead as best we can. I finished the Autumn quilt, my Trail Quilt, with hand quilted leaves, grapevines, swirls and waves. It came with us to the zoo and on a hike we took earlier in the week. It's layered with an old and worn flannel sheet, so it's light and easy to carry on little excursions.

Of all my 997 posts I think about 60% of them make some reference to my less than stellar domestic skills. Today I would like to make a small, yet delighted, note of pride: The house is pretty clean. Uh-huh. Clean. Cleaner than most days, and maintaining. It's all part of a renewed effort to embrace what is, to expect more of the children, to attend to the little messes, before they become insurmountable. It's a maturity moment, when I am finally comprehending and believing that I can perpetuate my own truth. So, whatever my shortcomings are if I choose to emphasize them, they will become stronger, and more entrenched. My new mode will be to accentuate the positive, keep my focus on my objectives, and no matter how far I fall short of my ideal, I will look for the success in the mess the process. LOL... 6 days in a cleaner house and I'm full of high thoughts and deep feelings!

In the midst of "so much to do," I hope we include reflections of gratitude, quiet time together as a family, more hikes and excursions. This is a very hard time for Geoff, and we feel it too. He has to work long hours, which is saying a lot if you know his regular schedule of long hours. So, speaking of reflections of gratitude... I am so grateful that when we are together, when Geoff can be home, we have fun. We enjoy each other's company, and we value the simple pleasures, like listening to the rain, singing Christmas carols, watching the children play and invent.

Recently our server has been acting funky and that's always frustrating. I think it's good again, so if I keep posting at my regular pace, I will be at post 1,000 in no time. I promised a contest and a prize. So much to do! There are an awful lot of blog contests, swaps, giveaways, celebrations. So much generosity and creativity. Well, I guess I am not being too original, but sharing joy and marking special occasions is irresistible, so count on me to play very soon.

Thank you for the birthday messages for Maria. We've had fun teaching her to say "I am three." She says, "I am five (or 6, 9, 8.)" And she's had fun getting her nails painted by her Aunt Gretchen, with Max's help. She's had fun opening her presents, like the scarf I made her, and the Little Ponies from Gretchen and Hans, and Grandma Nancy, the paper dolls and dress from Tutu and Grandpa Corm, the markers and Crayolas and princess cloth from Grandma Boo Boo and Grandpa Ronnie... new treasures to play with. Joy!

Oh my goodness, it's 9 a.m.! Enough reflection! It's time to get busy. Have a wonderful day!


brianna said...

hi there, just waving hello. your blog is lovely, and your kids are precious! i woke up with the same mix of emotions, so much to do but wanting to enjoy all the moments without feeling hurried...mmmm december : )

Tracy said...

Hello, dear Natalie! I've been stopping by but sometimes no pictures show, or I couldnt' leave a comment :o( Happy belated birthday wished to that sweetest of the sweets, Marie! Three already...It's is a strange thing to think it's the beginning of December. I feel excitement and a twinge of sadness--at how quickly this year has passed. But that there is much to look forward to next year is a great thing! LOVE the autumn quilt...It's so beautiful! Thanks for all your reflecting...Has me reflecting too. Happy week to you all ((HUGS))

Lesley said...

Hello Natalie,
I had trouble posting yetserday - but happy birthday to Marie. What a fab day at the zoo.
The rain on Friday was out of this world - so freshing and a goodbye-to-November feeling.
I love your quilt - wonderful autumn colours.
Don't stress about keeping the house tidy: take this advice from an expert. I clean only when it gets bad (when the fluff balls get so big you need a whip to tame them)- and no-one really notices anyway.
Especially don't stress about it on this lead-up to Christmas. You're doing SO much just raising a family, let alone all the extra goodies you're planning for the season! Have fun!

Julie said...

You got your house to stay clean for 6 days? I'm lucky if I can keep it tidy for 6 hours.Was it maturity on your part or the kids? LOL

Tarie said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Maria! And I hope you and your family have a delightful December. :D I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit lately. I've been so busy with work. :(

Amy said...

Wait. You made that quilt? FANTASTIC!

I always think better with a clean house too. Christmas is a hard season to keep things neat - shopping, baking, decorating -- all kinds of new stuff laying around cluttering up the joint. Argh. Enough blog reading I need to go pick up.