Sunday, December 30, 2007

So Far, So Good

I have to thank a lot of people for the birthday love. All of your messages have been bolstering, and they cheer me, and make me laugh... hey, did you all see it's Tracy's birthday too! Go wish her happy birthday before she goes to bed... it's getting late in Norway. So, every comment has been like a birthday gift and I have really enjoyed opening each one, savoring your warm wishes and sharing your kindness. Thank you!

Jennifer, your comment was unbelievable and weird, and totally sweet. I love it when coincidences collide. Serendipity. Magic. Meant to be. Gifts are never late, so let's not be silly and worry about such matters... lol. I read "Superhero Journal's" birthday post and she spoke some good truth. I know I've read her blog before... hmmm, must be getting old... can't remember when or where. Now I have her bookmarked for future insight.

Joan, give your daughter a belated birthday wish from me, and thank you for your thoughtfulness. Anne, I am making the shrimp tonight. Finally. Now you know what's for dinner, and my kids will have to fend for themselves... just kidding. Missy, it is hammer time! I feel like we are training her, so she can help us build our home. Thank you Lesley. Hello Lynne. I am so glad you came by. Thinking about that dog, drinking ice water at 2 a.m. made laugh and shiver! Ahh, Pam, thank you so much for the birthday wish, and send some to your son for me too. I know you do give wonderful gifts... thank you for being so thoughtful. Happy New Year Beverly, and everyone. We did have a wonderful Christmas... it feels like we are still in the midst of it, as the children keep inviting us to play new games and check-out their latest Lego creations. It's so great to make the fun and celebrating last and last. Oiyi, give your sister a "happy birthday" from me, and the quilt WIPs are mine, but the hens are from a larger piece that was hanging in an Oregon quilt shop... shame on me because I cannot find the name of the artist. "Oiyi" is on a very special birth day countdown of her own!

Sister Kim, I got my cake and I am getting treated to love and affection, kindness and clean dishes + I think they will make themselves scarce so I can sew today, which you must admit is an awesome treat!

I am still in my pajamas, and it's... yikes! 1:00 p.m.! Oh well. We ate some of the cake for breakfast, and I opened a few gifts, like the kitchen gadgets my boys chose for me and fabric from my Mommy and my Aloha Mom. I know I have red boots coming too! Hans and Gretchen gave me one of those techie frames that displays digital photographs... aren't they clever, and generous? My sweet Geoff gave me an iPod. It's tiny. Teeny-tiny and it clips to my dress or shirt or tiara and I can groove to my tunes. He knows I love to have a playlist rolling.

This gift from Mom and Corm, may take the prize for Best Fit. I love maps. Love them. I read them like novels. And the only radio station I am even aware of is NPR. Are there other radio stations? So, imagine a gift that can bring together my two passions! It's so cool... That's Californian for: "This gift reflects not only the thoughtfulness of the givers, but also my interests and it brings them together in a creative and very useful manner. Delightful."

And one more thought: What Does Mexíco smell like?

Mexíco smells of market stalls overflowing with fresh cut flowers and the harvests of hundreds of small farms, green onions, cilantro, navel oranges, and mangoes. Mexíco smells of whole cinnamon, chocolate, conchas and empanadas. Mexíco smells of wood burning fires, dust, labor, play, evening walks around the zócalo. Mexíco smells of orchards and plowed fields, river beds, adobe, rebozos, coros in church, riding in the back of a truck, fire crackers. Mexíco smells of fresh cut limes and hot corn tortillas.


Anna Banana said...

Hello birthday girl! Did you show Maria your little girl photo? Can she understand that the little girl was you? Or does she think the little girl is her? Hmmph, you weren't wearing your tiara with the iPod attached when I came over today. I think we should all get a photo of that. Making your own dinner! Well at least I know it's easy and good. Bon appetit!!

PamKittyMorning said...

HEY THERE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm glad to hear you're having fun.

And no, there are no other radio stations!!! I LOVE NPR!

Jennifer said...

That picture of you is precious, and you still look like a spring chicken (honestly, I had you pegged for your early 30's!). SO delighted to hear that your birthday was rolling along just as you wanted it to be, and what thoughtful gifts you'd received. The pleasure of a Sunday birthday is to have everyone at home and relaxed.... Keep on celebrating, and here's another vote for the tiara!

mary said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Natalie! Just checked in from work this morning and want to wish you a little belated wish. I hope you had a nice "to do" for yourself - you deserve it!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday -- a really late one at that. Shows you how long it's been since I've come around. We were born 38 days apart. YOu are older than me. :-)