Saturday, January 05, 2008

What's Happening?

The feedback I've gotten in the last few days has really gone to my head... What I mean is, I am thinking deeply about a lot of things. And thinking deeply, apparently, is so absorbing and consuming that I have not been able to compose words in an intelligble intellagible intellugable smart way.

Clearly, I am not ready to write now either. What I should be doing is rousing drowsy children and getting everyone out the door. We are off to celebrate cousin Nick's 8th birthday! His park party will be moved back to their house since we are enjoying a milder version of the crazy weather that is hammering Northern and Central California

Happy Birthday Ron... all the way in the Great White North of Ontario, Canada. That's where my mom and Ron rang in the New Year.

Still thinking deep thoughts. I should come back later today and sort some of this out.

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Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Yes we're also having a wild and crazy time with the rainstorms. The main streets have lots of dried fir needles on the ground from all the evergreens in the meridians. Rain is good and needed, but all at once? I think that I'll be glad once this particular set of winter storms are over. I know, I know, California has nothing like the crazy snow and ice storms that the other parts of the country experience. I still prefer the sunny days. Hope everyone is keeping warm and dry down south. :-)