Monday, January 21, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 15

Two evenings in a row, we turned around to find Maria like this:

And, just as Missy has witnessed, it happens at 5 o'clock. Click! A light goes on and I think: Put her to bed at 5:00 o'clock. Highly unlikely + these late naps are dangerous, because she does not wake-up until 10, and then she thinks it's time to begin a new day. I love that she can play and chatter merrily and work at all she does, until she cannot do more.

It's nearly Geoff's birthday. I asked, and "No," he does not want a surprise party. He means it too. He might not even know when it's his birthday. He will be working. It's stay over-night crunch mode time. Our surprise gift is very near completion.

Here is an Everyday occurrence: Everyday I have to make decisions. And it gets to the point where I dread it. "A point in every direction is like no point at all," "The Point." Decisions, decisions. And children tend to really add to the decision making load... they ask a lot of questions. And then there are responsibility kind of choices and duties. Anyway, sometimes I do nothing. I freeze, like a rabbit in the road, staring at headlights, crinkling my nose.

So, which picture should I post? This one?

Or, this one?

How about this pensive version?

He looks intent here. Should I have settled for this one?


judy in ky said...

What a gorgeous cat!

Shay said...

but that is what is so cute about babies, kittens and puppies. Full speed ahead and then WHAM! the sleepy sock hits them.

campbellgirl said...

Oooh, thank you Natalie for posting ALL the kitty pics - so beautiful. I wouldn't have been able to pick just one either.

I wish I could fall asleep like Maria (well maybe not with my face mooshed against the table!)Little ones are so amazing, so natural in their responses. Lovely.

village mama said...

What a beautiful child - such peace in her complete tranquility, ahhh ;-)

Mama Spark said...

I just used that red with the circles in a project myself! Love the cat. Who wouldn't love such a sweet little girl too. You are blessed every day!