Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 17

Maria was coloring earlier, and now she's dressing herself in a Spring-y singing dress. She loves the princess coloring board James and Deanne gave her. And she loves singing dresses.

Geoff came home. It's been a while. We are letting the birthday boy sleep, before we lavish him with hugs and affection, and a gift that, though slightly wonky, was made with love.


Julie said...

Ah, little girl stuff......

Thanks for sending me to Calamity Kim to see about the pillowcase challenge. My creative juices are flowing now. I have multiple pillow cases in the same color families and this will be a good opportunity to use them together.

Andylynne said...

If I remember correctly, Maria's Singing Dresses are pretty dressy dresses with lots of glamor. It's good your hubby is home and sleeping peacefully in his own home. Many Happy Birthday returns, can't wait to see the "gifts"