Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thoroughly Random Thursday

This is how I feel. I feel drained and drab.

This is how I want to feel. No, not topless... I want to feel cocky and kick-ass.

In high school we used to rent a VCR, then browse through the BETA and VHS selections, and there were few options. I remember we could see Dudley Moore play drunk, in "Arthur." Was he acting? I dunno. There were Clint Eastwood options and plenty of James Bond movies, and of course Franco Zeffirelli's "Romeo and Juliet." Sigh. Seems like we always came home with Bruce Lee, or "Strange Brew."

These boots would help. Not that I need material things to achieve confidence and vitality. But look at these beauties... Bruce had his grin. Superman has his cape, Wonder Woman has her unbreakable tiara boomerang, Batman needs his mask. These boots hold untold powers, and I think I could achieve heroic deeds wearing them, like clean the house, tell the landlord where to step-off, toilet train the cats.

I don't want to feel like this. Sickeningly fat and sugary and wrong. I don't want to be artificial, unhealthy, a glaring testament to what's wrong in the world.

I would rather be comfortable and genuine, like a cat that is loved.

Or like a happy child at play.


Mama Spark said...

Oh yeessss, those boots. You *need* those boots. Kind of like I *needed* my green shoes. They really do help. You have so many talents. Your writing and photography are so wonderful. Don't even buy a ticket for the depression bus! In fact there are better lines to stand in. You are surrounded by so much joy, just look, really look through the photos you have taken. You already *are* that person you are talking about!!

campbellgirl said...

Mamaspark is right Natalie, don't catch THAT bus. Your post brought tears to my eyes, they're running down my cheeks right now, because I know those feelings; I caught that bus and it is so, so, so hard to get off again. Walk, crawl if you have to, but don't get on that bus!

Girl, them boots are cool, way cool! Yippee cay-aaaaaay!

calamitykim said...

it's the estrogen train. wait till menopause hits you in the caboose! man. oh. man. I love the boots. surely they would put a hop, skip and jump in yer step- pep in yer step, I feel down too-- I can't watch the news first thing in the morning- too depressing.
Fred is still at work and its 10:25pm. I had to take him dinner or he wouldn't have eaten all day. I'm crawling back under the bed.

Helen said...

buy the boots!!!

Helen said...

buy the boots or put that rainbow bag on your head. lol

bigbucketgirl said...

As a first time visitor here(i think) then it reads like its written by the lady wearing those boots and kicking cups of sugar around the place!
I recognise that wiped out kind of feeling but we have kids with paper bags on their heads here! and its good!

I'm off to read more about your blog....

nikkipolani said...

Definitely the boots ;-)
As for rolling around on cement like a cat, I'd leave that to the cat.

Jennifer said...

"In the right shoes, anything is possible."

-- A. Einstein

(well, he MIGHT have said it...)

village mama said...

you are so beautifully honest, AND crazy funny 'this is how I want to feel, no, not topless'. Natalie, these words have MADE my day. Luv ya!!!!