Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lily of the Valley and 2 Cats

This is my garden of the day. Trader Joe's has the most beautiful plants and flowers, so reasonably priced, I forget my troubles and virtual lack of a garden, and I splurge. Splurge: That looks like in splash + urge... as in gotta-wanna do it. Makes me want to go swimming. Posting my train of thought isn't always worthwhile.

Oh, look who's come to visit the garden. It's Benjamin Franklin Thunder Cat, Cowboy and Explorer. Maria calls him Benbee. He lives indoors, safe from coyotes and reckless drivers. I call him my Furry Baby and Woodgie-Woodgie Love Monster. He's extremely handsome and affectionate. Well, he is affectionate until he isn't and when he isn't a snugly purr box, he becomes a biting, scratchy beast and I have to put him in the garage. The garage is safe and comfortable, but he always come out of the garage reformed and humble.

I love Benbee.

Here comes Chango. Chango had a brother named Bongo, and together they were Chango Biddy Bongo and Bongo Biddy Chango. I am not saying this is interesting, but it's nice to write it all down for posterity. Chango is a survivor. He is the most domesticated feral cat I have ever known. He was a mighty hunter in his Rancho days, and he can still can scale a tree in a flash. He's such a tender, affectionate and sensitive fellow. He gets very nervous, and we always admire his attempts to contain his wild ways and relax. Sweet, sweet Chango. Sweet lactose intolerant, barfy Chango. I love Chango.

Geoff doesn't know this yet, but I think we are going to get another kitty... not right away, but in the next year or two. I also sense that we are destined to bring home a lop eared bunny, 3 or 4 chicks, and maybe even a pair of goats. I like the look of Nubian goats and the personality of La Mancha goats. Max really wants a pet frog. Tee hee. Benjamin looks as though he knows more room-mates are coming and he's not pleased.


nikkipolani said...

Sigh. I can't wait until Minou can be described as you have described Chango - words like tender and affectionate. I like your lilly of the valley a lot. I hear it's easy to grow (except at my house). Beautiful container, too ;-) I think I need a visit to TJ!

Janece said...

thanks for the wonderful introduction to your sweet felines. I'm in love and I've only just met them. :)

When I was a kid, we had three Nubians... Sally, Shyann and Shynome (not sure where they got their names). They were characters. The most fun was when Sally had a kid and two days later Shyann had twins and three days later Shynome had triplets. One of my favorite things about Nubians... their ears! I can never get enough of those long, flippy ears. :)

Jennifer said...

I love how respectful the kitties are being of the plant. I miss having cats -- Ken is not a cat person (and is turning out to be not so much of a dog person either, although I'm still hoping Biscuit can win him over).

Mama Spark said...

More fur babies at your house, YEAH!! You need more cats, this from someone with 5 cats! I am intrigued by the goats. Have you considered Llamas? I think they are cute. If you don't know this artist, NA Noel go and check out her website. She has some great llama art! (As well as some other amazing art!) I think you will like her. I have a couple of her things in my house. Speaking of art, do you know "Rip squeak and Friends?" There is a shop in Monterey that sells their books and artwork, FABULOUS!!

Sabine said...

No time right now to write a long comment (it's my daughter's birthday and I have to prepair food for 10 people), but just one word: Beautiful!!!