Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time to Ketch-Up

It is time to catch-up. I probably shouldn't even be sitting at the computer, which has very little to do with all of the things I need to do, but I am going to pretend that listing the things I need to do, will help me. Yes, that's the ticket. I need to make a list, so that my plans and ambitions are clarified and defined. No more wasted time due to confusion and aimless wandering. No more neglecting loved ones, and postponing vital errands. This is the day of focus and determination, of duty and responsibility.

I need a list and the list needs subheadings.
a. food
b. shampoo, light bulbs, shoes, toothpaste, sand
Post Office
a. send gift for Pam
b. send Tamsyn's hat, candy and money
c. send thank you to Tami
d. other
a. return text books to old school
b. turn in assignments at new school
c. figure out scheduling for state exams
a. fret
b. procrastinate
c. moan
d. face the music
e. vow to skip steps a-c next year
Car Wash
a. pre-clean
b. take vow of Car Cleanliness , repeat
a. house
b. yard
c. our bedroom (it is in the house, yet exists in another dimension)
d. teeth... etc

Yesterday we went out on a house finding mission. Let the insanity begin! It's too soon. Around here people are still holding firm to their inflated dreams of becoming independently wealthy from the sale of their cherished home appreciating asset. All's fair in love and real estate, or is it? Off topic. Sorry.

We went east. East is where you go to have a hope of finding something beautiful and affordable. So, we may be coming full circle... or more of a spiral, like a corkscrew, or just screwy... never mind. We had to go really far east, and while it was a cool and breezy day, with green hills and citrus groves in bloom, we did pause to consider the implications a move this far east would have. And while there are better deals where we went, there are not many great go for it! finds.

Next time we should leave the children with friends, and spare them the sight of 6 bedroom houses, ponds, waterfalls, barns, orange groves, play sets, swimming pools with slides, play houses, gardens, boulders, acres, big skies, and wet bars. This is not going to be easy.


Anna Banana said...

I will help you make a longer list: Help Anne make quilt for Toby. I gotta have that little dog fabric. Sigh about the housing market. Sigh.

Ally Johnston said...

Repeat all steps on list creation until either a) everything gets done or b) you have enough of the lsit and throw away.

Tracy said...

So good to be catching up at last on all your post now we're back from vacation! Thank you for the warm welcome home. :o) Ah, lists...I'm a list-maker too. One is hardly scratched off and a new one starts. Life is one big list...Happy week to you all ((HUGS))

Mama Spark said...

I am a list maker too, just realize that most times we don't decide what goes on that list! Also remember that finding a house is definately worth doing! Even if it is difficult. That gem of a house is just waiting to be discovered by you guys!