Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Meet Rooster

Last Fall a very small chicken came to live with us. We named our found parakeet "Steve" and we have grown accustomed to his concerts, his trilling songs and pips. But he has not grown so accustomed to us. He doesn't trust us. He doesn't want to perch on our fingers or hop over to greet us when we try to engage him in a duet. HIs best friend has been his mirror. If I had the room, if this were my house to mess with, I would build him an aviary in the garden, and since that is not an option I decided to bring him a friend. Steve has a room mate. A perch pal.

Say "hello" to Rooster.
He is quiet and just as shy as Steve. For a few days Steve stopped singing and I thought I had made a horrible mistake. We didn't want to lose the amusing whirrs and whistles from our Aussie bird. Now Steve is singing again and I think he is happy. I think they are both happy.

Benjamin? What are you doing you furry beasty?
Benjamin is a birdwatcher. He actually looked astonished when he first focused on the sight of 2 birds. A dedicated birdwatcher. He sits beneath their cottage faithfully, everyday. Patience may be a virtue, but lust is not. He really should announce himself or find another hobby. Poor unsuspecting birdies.

When posting to Chickenblog I am always curious about who is reading Chickenblog. I know from comments who comes around regularly. I know from email and from personal remarks people who visit the blog, and then every now and then I am astonished to discover other readers. I have about 20 different emotions and reactions upon hearing from someone that they saw it on Chickenblog or when they disclose something (inadvertently?) that they could only have known from reading the blog.

Well, of course I realize that this is a public forum, so I cannot rightly say that I am surprised and yet I am surprised. I am surprised that more people don't say "hello." I am still trying to work out what the other 19 emotions and reactions are, because, really, blogging and blog etiquette is whole new frontier. It's funny, I say a lot less in person than I do on Chickenblog. I guess I am more shy than not. I like to listen. With so little feedback coming in, I sometimes forget there are readers, or at least I feel like I "know" who I am addressing, and I am less concerned about total strangers (presumably they move-on when they find nothing of interest.) But when a family member says, 'I saw it on your blog' and I had no idea they read the blog, well it feels really awkward and strange to me.

Don't be shy. Say hello. Chickenblog is our front porch, our kitchen table. It's deep thoughts and other musings, an outlet for my ramblings. Things are not always neat and tidy here. I try to keep it real. Uh... on the other hand maybe you think I am nuts or weird and maybe my values clash with yours and meeting in the cyber world would only lead to uncomfortable and anxious feelings and doubts about the nature of the universe as we know it. That's cool. I can be okay with leaving things as they are.


judy in ky said...

Hi! I am one of your "other" readers who have not spoken before. I like reading your blog and enjoy the photos. I never know what it will be... buttons, chickens, kittens, cowboy boots, family gatherings, and I especially love the photos from Hawaii.
I am a "baby boomer" who lives with my husband and three cats. We have a daughter and three-year old granddaughter in California. I am new to the cyber-world, just got my laptop recently, and love all the sites to see and people to visit on the web. I haven't started my own blog yet cause I don't have enough know-how... but wanted to say "hi".

amy smith said...

i totally know what you are talking about... the other day, my eldest son's teacher asked him about something that happened the night before, and when he asked how she knew about it, she said, "I read it on your Mom's blog." WIERD. anyway, not lurking here....

Oiyi said...

Hi Rooster!! He is just lovely! What a beautiful color.

I guess some people feel weird about commenting. I don't. I like people to know that there are people reading their blogs. A while ago I found out my friend's sister and sister-in-law were avid readers of mine. I never knew that. And only found out because my friend told me.

Joan said...

Hi Natalie,
I do enjoy stopping by and reading your blog. I love your sense of humor and your observations of life. thanks for writing it!

nikkipolani said...

Hello, Natalie dear. I concur that it feels a little bit weird to find out someone's been reading that you didn't know before. You know I love your conversational tone, so friendly and open and inviting. And welcome home, Rooster! You've got it good here (and don't worry about Benjamin - really!).

calamitykim said...

I love the new budgie! Someday I will tell you my story about parakeets and the one my Dad trained to drink scotch and perform on a little "playground" with ladders and stuff My Dad made for him. It was all good until one day....maybe later. I also love your cat- he is gorgeous and so fluffy looking! wow! thats a great cat! as for comments- be careful what you wish for- I get too many sometimes and after the apronista thing my email box was jamming!!! scheezch! It is odd though to meet someone who reads your blog and yet you know nothing about them...can be rather uncomfortable but that is the nature of blogs- thats why commenting is essential- except most readers don't understand that they are part of it too. anyway- I am off to Knit & Itch-teehee...I love you chicken girl...have a happy day! xxxooo kim, calamity with a glue gun!

Julie said...

It is rather disconcerting when someone says "I read your blog all the time," especially when they never comment. I wonder exactly how many people are spying on me.

Lesley said...

You'll have to rename this as Budgie Blog.
Hello dear Natalie, I'm back in SD, back with my darling husband and son, back on my beloved iMac ... and off again on Friday. Thank you for all your lovely comments and emails - looking forward to catching up properly in another ten days or so.

Em said...

I just found you... I think because I was looking for bloggers who keep chickens (it's something I want to do). So anyway - here I am, saying "hi". Browsing around your blog... I also wonder who is reading my blog, but doesn't comment. I think the most comments I've had was 8 so far... so it just makes me wonder.