Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lego Bricks + Imagination + Patience + Cooperation = Amazing Creations

William, Alex, Max and Maria love to create and build with Lego. I really ought to create a separate label for this topic, as it has come up before. I believe I have been listing all Lego creations under the "Talent" label, which is appropriate. But after taking photographs of just a few of Alex's creations, I realize that the subject of Legos could be its own blog. None of these creations is made from instructions or diagrams or kits... they are each a result of Alex's imagination and ingenuity and a great deal of diligence.

Using bricks and parts from the Mars Mission theme, Alex created a few new vehicles and rovers for exploring Mars. The sets have vehicles with animal names, like the beetle and a bull. Alex created a rabbit. Note the cute bunny ears. I don't think he used the word "cute." He says, "It can fit one astronaut and the upper half can rotate to allow it a wider range of vision."

"The fore and aft panels can be lifted for engine repairs."
That sounds useful, don't you agree?

I like the cute bunny profile, and the suggestion of big bunny teeth.

This is a Hazardous Environment Unmanned Heavy Lifting Vehicle or HEULV. I have an order in for a house cleaning version.

"His tongue extends to grab hazardous materials, such as explosives and radioactive waste," says Alex.

I am thinking how great this could be for scooping up dirty socks and sweeping under the dining table... talk about hazardous duty!

Here's HEULV with his grabbing tongue fully extended.

I would be proud enough to assemble things as elaborate these, but Alex does more than create interesting figures. His creations have purpose and every part has a function. His Mars Scorpion is a transporter that works in conjunction with the HEULV. "It has 6 legs, constructed using Martian technology. The front arms are for drilling and picking up energy crystals. The 3 tubes on the top can carry Martians in cryo-sleep."

"The legs can lower the hull for loading and unloading of cargo."

Check out the doors! This could be a futuristic mini-van. I'll have to ask Alex to design mine with a renewable and sustainable fuel source.

Top Secret Mystery Chest
Alex and William made this decorative and purposeful box together. William built the Eye of Horus. Alex designed and constructed the rest. The pictures do not do this one justice. I wish you could try to unlock its secret for yourself and see up close the engineering, art and ingenuity of this treasure chest.

We like Lego brick mosaics. Mosaics are a unique and beautiful use for the bricks and they take some patience to create.

Turn the box around and you may discover that 2 of the decorative pieces are keys. But keys to what?

Remove both keys and look for the keyhole to unlock the secret.

Hmmm... what have we here?

Nothing needs to be forced or yanked. If you are on the right path doors and locks open with ease. That takes masterful engineering.

Choose the right key and turn in the right direction and you are almost in.

Alex had to design, construct and reconstruct the lock at least 6 times. He wanted the mechanisms to work precisely.

A hush falls over the archaeologists...

and we are in the treasure chamber!

I think this is Max's favorite part. Max loves treasures.

Here are the tumblers. I love that Alex knows how things work. He based it off the same design used in safes. So awesome.

Riding the currents in his Steampunk Gyrocopter, Alex's future is as wide and clear as the skies he flies.


Anna Banana said...

I would say that these are creations in need of a story line. Fan fiction! I only know a tiny bit about fan fiction, but can send links if you are clueless like I was a few days ago.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Wow! I'm in awe of Alex's engineering talent with the locking mechanisms. That is truly a perfect treasure box. I didn't realize that Legos could be used to make such cool gizmos. Shhh, don't tell him but I think the rabbit Mars rover is adorable. :-)

Mama Spark said...

I love the bunny!! Maybe he should look into FAO Schwarts and Lego land. Have you been to the Mall of America in Minnesota? They have some awesome lego stuff there too.

gloria said...


nikkipolani said...

That Alex is a genius! I love the Eye of Horus ultra secret mystery box. So intricate and full of wonderful detail.

Marisa said...

We only have the super large version of legos right now, due to our son being small still, but I sure hope we graduate to this level someday. Very cool stuff.

amy smith said...

that is incredible. alex is incredible. there has to be some place you can enter these AMAZING creations. genius doesn't even begin to explain it.

Tarie said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Alex TOTALLY rocks.

Has Alex read The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick? He might enjoy reading it. It's a great novel about a boy who loves building things and knowing how machines work. And the illustrations are fantastic. :o)

alex12 said...

They are each a result of Alex's imagination and ingenuity and a great deal of many tables for lego train