Friday, March 07, 2008

We Are Snowing

Maria was sitting by the front door, her arms full of gear; boots, mittens, her hat, my scarf. Next to her was Max, pulling on his boots. I knew Max was heading out to the sled and slope, but I had to ask Maria what she thought she was up to. "Maria what are you doing?" She answered with the confidence of a seasoned skier, a rugged outdoors woman, "Going snowing." She is unfazed by windchill, by slips on her bottom, by trekking and stomping. She's even back to singing "Frosty the Snowman." She's taken sola rides in the long, black toboggan, and she knows how to crunch the crusty edges of icy snow when walking down the sidewalk, just like her daddy did, when he was a boy.

It's so much fun to see her embrace winter, outdoor play and all of these new elements, without any reservations. She loves the snow and the trees, she loves the "crunch." Yesterday when we took her to Cam-Rock 3 to check out the sledding hill, she looked up at the clear, late afternoon sky and asked "Where did all the fluffies go? Where is the snowing?" Her last venture out the snow was blowing down, some individual crystals and some fluffy clusters of snow, and she had marveled at the sight. Now she was a little sad to see that it had stopped.

Alex and Max are no less enthusiastic, and they have spent a lot of time outside, dedicated to the pursuit of fun in the snow. Alex needs snow pants and gloves, so today we are heading to St. Vincent's in Madison. Hopefully enough people have given-up on Winter and we can find some decent second-hand deals. With real, water-proof gloves, I think Alex will be able to comfortably finish construction on the snow fort. Snow pants will keep him even more comfortable for the long hours he has been out and working diligently at making snowy blocks.

Max has been helping with the fort too, he is well prepared for the elements. He has boots and snow pants and his favorite jacket of all time. I hope he remembered not to leave any of these on the porch, where they freeze. He could not get his feet into his stiff, cold boots yesterday and had to wait for them to defrost before he could get back to making snow blocks.

These two were born to this stuff. they do not get cold. OKay, well, everyone gets cold when temperatures are in the teens, but long pants and light jackets are not the insulation I require for sledding and making snow balls, for walking into town. William's only issue was keeping his eyes open, while facing the glare of the sun on the bright snow, otherwise he has been fine, even without a hat. We even persuaded him to ride down the hill.

Maria, Geoff, Alex and Max took this ride together!

After taking this hill for a few days, I believe we are ready to graduate to the hill at the park.

Without any prompting, it occurred to Maria to make snow angels. She has made a heavenly host of snow angels all over the backyard.

Here is Max, taking a snow nap. Blissed out and loving the last days of his first real Winter.


Missy said...

Thanks for posting pics! I love the one of you sledding. It is such a giggly fun time.


Laura Jane said...

Ah, sledding. What fun! Graduating from the little backyard slope, to the corner park, to the local school or golf course.

Getting little kids in and out of snow gear, thawing ears and bottoms after inadequate cold protection...ah yes...I remember that Wisconsin wonderland too.

Gorgeous to see you all embracing the WI winter.

Mama Spark said...

Winter...I love it too, at first. It is fun to see kids enjoy it so much. I am more than ready for it to end now though. Enough of the cold already! The photos are great, thanks for sharing winter through the eyes of your family!

Jennifer said...

The joy of appreciation. Your post makes me think about what it means to truly, deeply, appreciate what it is that's in front of you. No question that novelty helps fuel appreciation ('variety is the spice of life'! ), but still, being able to appreciate what you are experiencing is another of the incredible life lessons you are giving your wonderful children.

Andylynne said...

Your post really made my day. To see the kids enjoy the snow so much is wonderful. I love winter,even though I'm a little afraid of driving in the weather now ( accident). I always here people griping about the snow, and it makes me sad somehow. Ice is sometimes scary,but we can even deal with that. Thanks for sharing your familys joy in winter.

Anna Banana said...

Alas no more time for clandestine liaisons with Blue Ray and Benjamin (a threesome!). Don't be thinking of moving to Madtown! I would have to visit and would have to look up my ex-husband. Promise, no Madtown, ok? Easily distracted, did you say Fabric???

Tracy said...

Look at all you lovely snow angels! Especially love the photos of you all sledding...Have fun! Happy weekend to you ((HUGS))

Oiyi said...

Aaahhh...Maria reminds me when I was kid and could play all day in the snow with my friends and not even mind the cold. Now, you can't even get me out in the snow unless I have to. Oh to be young again!

Julie said...

What great photos and memories!!!