Sunday, March 09, 2008

Something Quick, Before We Head Out

Even though Geoff set up a wireless network here at Grandma Nancy's, and even though he set up a laptop computer for her and brought along his own as well, it has been really hard to get time online.

Maybe I miss my own computer and the streamlined operation we have set-up for posting photographs, and maybe I miss our kitties too, but mostly I feel like I could settle in here and make a home, and so my days have been full of enjoying all that Wisconsin and Winter have to offer before it is time to say goodbye.

It is time to say goodbye. We are on our way to Chicago, to see Margie, Corm's sister, and her family. We were with Paul yesterday, and I regret that our visit was so brief. We could have enjoyed a few days hanging out, and enjoying his cozy home up north. I suspect that our time in Chicago is going to pass too quickly. That's how it is when you are in the company of good people... suddenly it is time to say goodbye, and yet you don't even want to leave.

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nikkipolani said...

Isn't it lovely how good company enriches your lives. I hope you will make many happy memories in both places :-)