Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Days in Badger Country

Grandma Nancy's backyard has a perfect slope for amateur sledders, and we groomed a run that was fun and safe, very enjoyable. But Sophie convinced us to graduate, to upgrade and expand our sledding horizons. With this in mind we caravanned with Gary, Laura, Sophie, Phil, Gabe, Jordan and Griffy to a big park, where a freshly groomed trail awaited. I retract my initial statement about 'the hill not being much longer than Grandma's;' I was very wrong.

In fact the hill was an ideal improvement. It was long and wild, but not too wild... unless you didn't roll off the sled before hitting the trees, or unless your sled flipped and your face ate ice. Tom warned us about the purple sled. He called it Rosa's Rocket and with good reason. It was easily the fastest and craziest ride. The red sleds gave the most reliable, consistent rides, without much chance of flippage. The one we picked up from Ace was lame... something to do with the long, smooth bottom. This may require more research.

Whether riding or being a spectator, the afternoon was well spent.

We had a few spills. I will not implicate anyone or use initials... I'm just saying poor judgement was involved and the very young paid the price.

Gary, Laura and Sophie. We should find out whether they have good slopes in Eagle River. Just thinking of plans for next winter...

Riding in a sled is fun. It's exhilarating and feels daring and liberating, but for every fly down there is a hike up. I made many trips, and my jeans were snow packed after stepping and sinking back to the top. Brrrr!! This is about endurance and dedication. About resilience and stamina! And who outlasted us all? Griffy and Max were the Dynamic Duo of the Snow Dunes. No fear. No regrets. No complaints. No going home, until they had "One more ride."

Here is the hero of the day. I am so glad we found him a thrifted snow bib, so he could enjoy the snow and sledding, without getting frozen out of the fun. And he was fast to the aid of little ones that tumbled.

It's such a bummer to discover that the days are running out on your vacation. It was Sunday morning when we realized that we had too much planned for our last days in Wisconsin and Illinois + there was that aggravating time change, which was a vicious assault on a family that is already notoriously late. Argggh.

We ate lunch at Ella's and we ate at Tru, thanks to Laura and Gary. We walked in town, drove around the Lake, reminisced in Madison and even tortured ourselves by looking at reasonably priced, beautiful and dignified Midwest homes. Ahead: Dinner at Carol's, visiting Paul in Oshkosh, more computer tutoring for Nancy and a visit to her quilting class, getting packed and driving back to Chicago, an evening with Margie and Howard and 3 2 1 museum stop in the Windy City.


nikkipolani said...

Wonderful snow vacation! I love all the pink cheeks, even on the little face with the teary eyes.

Julie said...

Even though I haven't commented, I've had great fun looking at your photos and reading all about your trip. What great family time together.

Anna Banana said...

Love the photos, glad you're all back safe and sound!

Tarie said...

Snow... Snow?! It's already summer here in the Philippines! Well, it's summer here all year round... I am melting, melting, melting as I type this. I would rather be somewhere very, very cold than somewhere very, very hot.

Looks like you guys had fun! Hurray! :oD