Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Milk, Lots of Laundry, Happy Memories
I am downloading over 600 photographs. I know, I wanted to take more. Even with 600, I can think of exactly the times I meant to take one more.
It is warm here, but I have purposely not looked outside, because I will miss seeing snow.
The cats missed us. OMG did they miss us. I know they got lots of love and attention from Anne, but Benjamin wouldn't even let me sleep. He was determined to get his 2 weeks' quota of affection.
1/3 of the mail is in the recycle bin, another third is in the pay it box and the last third is wonderful... kind thoughts, warm wishes and something Blue!
We've been gone for a month, and it may take a month to catch-up, and another month to compensate for the time spent recovering from... forget it...
How much time time do you allow, to decompress, after a long journey?

At the outset of this venture, I talked big time about destiny and dreams, finding a path to follow. Hmmm.
Yeah, I don't think we are any closer to knowing where we are going to live, or when we can get out of Garage Mahal. If you have read Chickenblog for any length of time, you may conclude that we are over-thinking the whole destiny bit, and it's true. Partly true. Only sorta true.

I may be jet laggin'. It's 10: a.m., but it's noon in Chicago... and we were definitely leaning toward being on the Midwest clock.

The photos are still downloading. 240 more to go. I'll come back after we eat, nap and have pictures to share.

Geez. I'm sure it's posts like this that keep me off the "Blogs of Note" page.


calamitykim said...

I am still decompressing- I may never get over my last adventure! I felt like I had been in an acid bath. Still raw. Your box came in the mail today- the mailman had to ring the bell cause it didn't fit in the box- I answered with a puzzled look and an apron over my gown...I was so thrilled- I ripped it open and had to cry. Thank you, my sweet friend, for the love. Just when I need it the most, there it is. My neighbor girl is 6 and is insisting on wanting Maria's chicken bag and princess dress for her own- she is a little bossy! so I will get them wrapped up here soon- she forgets about stuff after a few days...I loved maria's comment about the snow in the true. I love you chicken girl. You are too sweet. I am too spoiled! Glad you are home. Looking forward to the picture show. xxxooo kim

Mama Spark said...

Blue? What *could* it be??