Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wrapping Up the Friday Wrap-Up

One nice aspect of blogging is hearing from readers... they can really help me keep things in perspective... a positive perspective. So, while I am bluesy and glum about our housing lot, and moving my sewing room into the garage, I hear from blogging friends that I am lucky to have a cutting table... so true! and "ooohhh, the family creativity room (garage) sounds inspiring!" from my ever supportive friend Tarie, and I begin to see my circumstances in a much kinder light. Yesterday I got a taste of how cold it can get in the garage... brrrr, but as it comes together and I enjoy the pleasure of having room to spread out, I find myself feeling very, very happy about the "Creativity Room."

I am not taking a picture of my fabric stash. Tee Hee. I need a wide angle lens. LOL. OKay, seriously, I have a fabric addiction, which can come as no surprise to my fellow quilters and sewing sisters. But I have resisted any new purchases in recent days months weeks. My fabric is here and there and oh, also over here... in other words all over the place. The solution is a big melamine cabinet with deep, wide shelves.

With Geoff's help, which makes it sound like I contributed, which I didn't, not significantly, a new closet was assembled yesterday.

Geoff is an engineer. I love it when he's an engineer. I'm so lucky.

Actually Maria may have been as much or more help than I was. She illustrated the back of the closet.

Surely good fortune and bright days will be ours, now that we have a closet cat. Look at his toes!

Now, in addition to a cutting table, a sewing table, a robot table and shelves of notions, glue and tools, I now have a fabric closet. I started filling it. And I will continue filing it later today, and then look out! I can envision such creations and projects and successes.

Inspiration? Oh, there is so much inspiration!

Just this morning the very talented Mamaspark sent me to meet Lynette Anderson, and I am totally smitten by her designs, her blog, Fatcat and Hugo. It's a quilting, stitching treasure trove.

And by all means let's make "Much Ado About Something." This blog, discovered thanks to Nikkipolani, is brimming with good news, beautiful photography and thoughtful reflection, and then she has 2 more blogs to unleash her passions and talents. For more of Sara's photography stop by "Come Away With Me." Chango and Benjamin recommend you visit Miss Kitty. She's a Norwegian Forest cat. Meow.

Then there's Lululollylegs, in Melbourne, stitching beautiful things. And can you hear "The Sound of One Hand Knitting?" The fun and beauty just goes on and on.

I am off to hammer some grommets into the security screen I designed for the garage door. What's inspiring you?


Jennifer said...

I see that YOU have stomp rockets, too, just like we do. of course! I am delighted that your space is coming together, that Geoff is contributing his talents, and that you are feeling good about it. And with the good luck closet kitty, there can only be warmer, craftier days ahead.

Andylynne said...

What a fun space, and it is coming together so well.
And wow, you mean your going to have your fabric all in one spot. Where you can get to it, see what you have and MAYBE even sort it by color! Mt mind reels with amazement. No such events have taken place at my house, I'm sad to say. Kidding aside, that is such great workspace you have created. I love the fact you have incorparated space for all every bodys projects. I love Maria's drawings!

calamitykim said...

I was reading and looking at links and I got lost 3 times and had to come back when I remembered that I never said hi! or thank you! or good luck with the new craft space! Maybe you can make a sign that says: Mom's Busy! Think twice before knocking and leave it on the door- I imagine that you can schedule some time with your stash - thats healthy and happy FOR YOU! I am so sad about having an empty house with no children running around (except for the neighbor- who I took to the park and quilted while she ran around)that I have a hard time visualizing how completely different it would be- when I wove baskets I could hold one and not lose my place and stir the kool-aid with the other! Lordy, that was many years ago! I sound like a granny, don't I? Just make the best of it and be happy! There is time in the quiet years ahead for plenty of stitching! I love you, Chicken Girl and am so glad to get to share your world! xxxooo kim

Mama Spark said...

I "toe"tally love Maria's cat! You *need* to make a tracing of it and make it into a wall hanging for your creative space for inspiration!! I wish I had a creative space that isn't the middle of my living room (sometimes I think my family thinks this too!!! = )
Isn't Lynette amazing? I want to order some of her patterns. Did you see the free Noah's ark stitcheries too? Too cute!

YayaOrchid said...

My favorite picture was Maria's cat. Such a pretty little person, and she's already very artistic and talented!

Natalie, one day at time, that's all each of us can handle. It sounds so cliche, but better times ARE ahead. In the here and now, look at all the marvelous blessings you are surrounded by, especially those precious children. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful blog!

Tracy said...

Maria is a budding artist! :o) You are really getting things organized there! Happy to stop in and see what's happening...great week to you all ((HUGS))

nikkipolani said...

Hey, I want a closet cat!
Oh. I have a closet cat!
It's great to see your new space shaping up, Natalie.