Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mom, I'm in Love.
And he takes very good care of me.

He laughs at my jokes. He reads me poetry, or housing sale ads.
His hands are capable, his heart is true and he makes the bed with me.

He fills my tank, he backs up my blog and updates my software. He changes all of the light bulbs.

I'm in love. Since 1982, when he first kissed me. Since the beginning, when we both knew we wanted to
love forever.


Anna Banana said...

Hola Chica et al.
Love your posts and photos. Of course I'm in a VERy good mood right now. Hugs to all,
Anna B.

Laura Jane said...

oooh wah....lovers!!!

I thoroughly approve!

Wedding anniversary? Or random appreciation?

Its our anniversary here in Oz (May 5th.)

love and more love to you

Mama Spark said...

Gotta be an anniversary, but which one? Ours will be 25 this year, woo hoo!

firefly said...

That is a sweet and dear tribute to your husband and your shared love.

Happy love.


Lesley said...

Very sexy boots ... and post!

village mama said...

Love all that you said about him, and all that you didn't give away. XO