Monday, May 05, 2008

What the Future Holds

Both Max and Alex are working on entries for a Lego contest. The theme: Build the hot new gadget of the future... What will everyone want 50 years from now?

What will people be clamoring for in 50 years? There are so many amazing gadgets already. Sometimes I wish we could decree a cease fire... an agreement not to make any new gadgets until we can catch our collective breaths and fully absorb and appreciate all the technology at our disposal already.

Max envisioned a hand held computer with an attached stylus. "It has an antenna, and you use it for wireless internet." And he adds, "You can use the stylus to type things on the keyboard, which is located in the screen. It has 2 buttons for the power, and the power comes from a processor that collects the energy from sound waves." He says, "Using its processor you can make charging it easier by talking to it."

I think I say this every time the boys show me one of their creations: I only ever made roofless houses, boxes with imagined furnishings and gardens and tiny kitchens. Max made a streamlined, curved frame, a monitor and pen pointed stylus with its own built in holder.

No one diagramed this. He did not follow a plan or instructions. I have a deep and abiding admiration for creativity, for the skill required to envision something and the ability to make it real. Plumbing, wiring, planting a garden, plowing a field, sewing a dress, writing software, baking bread... these are the skills that impress me. I suppose there will be marvelous gadgets 50 years from now. There are marvelous gadgets today. But I hope in 50 years children will still empty a box of parts and pieces and make something all their own, something from the recesses of their hearts and fancy.


Julie said...

I am also impressed with what kids can come up with when creating with Legos, even better when it gets translated to real life things. They truly are the building blocks of childhood.

Tracy said...

Max is definitely on to something with his idea!! That's a lego dream there! Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

capello said...

wow. he did a great job!

nikkipolani said...

I love all the creative juices flowing throughout your family - each person seems to be full of interesting ideas and how to shape them in various media. I'm catching up on a few of your posts, Natalie. I'm sorry about the landlord thing. Having a thoughtful person in that position makes all the difference. I saw several chickens on this last trip and will post them for you :-)