Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chicks Make Demands

"Equal air time," and "More time in the dirt," those are the sort of demands these chicks make. Negotiations are ongoing. If they start asking for a percentage of the $00.08 I made through blog ad revenues last year, it could get ugly. Besides, I don't think they are even in the Guild. I have every reason to believe we can settle this peacefully.

Buttercup is looking a lot less buttery, and a lot more peanut buttery.

Another difference we are noticing from when we first brought Fantam and Buttercup home, is that they are quite strong. They seem stronger, more willful and wilder than Amelia and Betty were.

Maybe funnier looking too.
And we certainly agree with Lesley, when she says, in the comments: "And can't you just see dinosaurs in their shapes and stances?" You aren't being "weird" Lesley. They are dinosaurs.

On more thing... an important note: Em, of "Em and the Gang," is fighting the good fight for chickens and city farmers everywhere. Please give her a round of applause, and a cheer, as she petitions to make backyard chickens a choice and freedom in her town. Em is a hero in our household. Be sure to see her air time, and let's hope all of her neighbors wise-up.


Em said...

Natalie - Thanks so much for the 'plug'! I really hope we can make a difference in our town by doing this! I even set up a blog to chronicle the whole saga a little clearer... it's

Lesley said...

It's my pleasure to bestow upon you the "Brillante Weblog" award! Pick up the graphic from my blog and then you get to choose seven recipients of your own!

Sherry said...

I found your blog through the link on Em's blog. Funny how people with chickens never tire of looking at other people's photos of chickens! I'll be putting up new photos of my Bantam Modern Game Fowl if you want to check later this week and see some unusual chickens.

Zora, Edna, DartMouth, Punkster, Muffin and Brangelina

Dallas said...

Are we being mooned by a chick in that third photo? :)