Monday, August 11, 2008

A Whole Lotta Random... With an Update (Please See Below)***

This is purely an exercise in avoidance playing catch-up... a mix of items for my to-do list, musings, deep thoughts etc, before I clean the house, save the world and make breakfast. I was going to post photographs from all of the houses we've visited in our endless quest to stop renting. I thought it would be slightly amusing to share the many places we are not going to buy, however, on careful consideration I decided this might not be such a hot idea. There are several ways it could go wrong. Just picture for yourselves things like dining rooms, tiled pools, wide open lawns, tidy gardens, low ceiling fans, assorted carpet shades, torn out siding, laundry rooms, lots and lots of queen palms, leaky roofs, closet size kitchens, chef kitchens, closets the size of small kingdoms, and a front entry that opens to a tiny kitchen... variety, a spectrum, a dizzying array, and a distant, remote possibility that one of these gems could be ours!

Geoff is out of town for a geek convention. Yesterday was all about getting him ready for his week away and getting us ready to join him for 1 day. Bear with me here. I wanted to update the blog, but I felt I should try to parallel process, so I will blog about what needs to be accomplished before I drive to the big city with the 4 children. The chickens will stay home, this time.

The List
1. go to bank and shuffle, shift, swap and cover... I was trying to be light and vague, but it almost sounds like a euphemism for a crime. I am going to withdraw cash for gas. That is all.
2. go to cell phone kiosk and buy replacement charger for Geoff's phone. Must remember to haggle. Kiosks are like malls... concentrated shopping centers, where someone wants you to remodel your image with purchases. feh.
3. there's something else...
4. leave more messages begging school district to return my calls and answer our request for transcripts. Bureaucratic b@$#@*d$.
5. purchase the big chicken feeder.
6. buy a stylish, hot-mom outfit to wear in big city. Not sure there is room in to-do list for wishful thinking, but if #4 works out, then anything is possible.
7. lens cap. Must buy new lens cap. My camera does not have an attachable one, so I knew this day was coming.
8. get gas. This really should be #1, or it's game-over before #2.
9. pack.
10. clean. It's unavoidable.
11. there's something else... but I'll think of it tomorrow, in traffic, on my way to big city. It'll probably be really, really important and vital.

I wish I could say I've been away from blogging lately, because life is so fulfilling and enriched with activity, but that ain't quite it. For one thing, my missing lens cap is keeping me from carrying my camera around, and the little camera is not producing the quality shots I would like to crop, frame and cherish. Another hold-up has been anger and frustration with someone who insists on being a crushing disappointment, thoughtless, inconsiderate, selfish... uh... sorry, I was going to lay-off this whole topic. Pardon. Well, you know, things are busy and I just have not had a whole lot of note worthy news.

12. I just remembered: Bury Rooster, the parakeet. He died, which is why he needs to be buried. It should have been done a while ago. Don't ask. Or ask: It's called denial, and I need denial to carry me through.

Last night we had an epic combination battle. Alex, Maria and I had water toys and William and Max were armed with Nerf launchers. We were all over the front yard, getting wet and pelted with Nerf darts. There were no teams, no rules and no tears. It was all out anarchy. There were human shields. There was laughter and squeals. We ran, ducked, dodged and danced. You shoulda been there. It was that good.

Well. There you go. Now it's time to defunk our junk and get the day rolling. Drop us a line, sing us a song, tell us about your days and dreams. We're here, drying-out, waiting and listening.

***Please note, I expect tons of feedback on this: "An Engineer's Guide to Cats." All of you cat lovers, engineers, geeks, friends, friends of geeks, friends of people with cats... all of you! Just come back here and tell me you laughed out loud. And thank you Anne. This was the best gift ever!


Janece said...

Natalie - these photos of Maria and the ball are amazing. I'm imagining the first three as a framed photo series.

I'm very sorry to hear about Rooster.

And the epic battle - I'm smiling and wishing I was a part of that special kind of anarchy! :)

d.a. said...

ditto what @janece sez - the ball photos are adorable!

I've a to-do list a mile long, and am procrastinating like crazy. Going to concentrate on one, ONE item: getting the recyclables to the drop-off center. There! I made a decision!

nikkipolani said...

Really, Natalie, I'm so distracted by these dreamy photos of Maria, I could barely tear my eyes away to read about your list. Sorry about that. I do hope you get the list checked off.

Janece said...

Yes, I laughed very much OUT LOUD! Thanks Natalie and Anne! Exactly what I needed on a Monday morning! :)

d.a. said...

ROFLMAO!!! Ah yes, engineers have such a fascinating perspective!

(and the recycling was taken to the center. w00t!)

judy in ky said...

I love cats and I love geeks, so I loved this video!

Laura Jane said...

Gotta love geeks and their cats, especially when the delivery is so deadpan.

I'll be sharing this clip, thanks Natalie. I laughed out loud at the cat in the whizzing chair, and the corporal cuddling and cat yodelling. We have an aloof kitty who could do with some of that!

Best of luck with the whole list thing. And finding a lens cap. Sigh. I feel your to-do pain.

Thinking of you

Tracy said...

hehehehe...laughed my butt off and peed my pants...that video was hilarious!! And that cat, Oscar, looked just like our Charlie! :o) Ah, lists...the lists of life. There is something touching about lists, I think...LOVE these lovely photos of Maria playing with that giant ball, sooo sweet she is! Happy Days taking care of the lists and much else ((HUGS))

Lesley said...

I really did laugh out loud — the cat yodelling bit really got me!

miriam said...

Anyday now i am going to loose my lense cover---wish it was attached. Your list of things to do sounded familiar. So sorry about rooster.


Em said...

I am so happy that my camera's lens cap came with a little doohicky that keeps it with the camera! Otherwise it would be lost immediatly and my lens would be all scratched up by now. Your photos of Maria are gorgeous! I hope you have a nice trip to the city! I'd take care of the chicas for you but it's a little far to drive.

Andylynne said...

Loved the cat video, only geeks try to put it in to a scientific format:) I lauged outloud, and my co-workers were jealous I was having so much fun. Maybe you could stage your next epic battle here, that would show them, he he he.
Sorry about Rooster, the loss of your feathered friend is sad. I find even the smallest life we let in to our lives, can claim a very large space in our hearts.
Speaking of of crushing disappointments, you HAVE to know the same person I do, but I too have promised to stop going there.... So if you don't I wont either :)
Dream dreams, make lists, love and laugh as usual. Life is full of surprises, some days we have to look harder than others.

calamitykim said...

that was hysterical and almost made me want to go adopt a cat!!!
We have an arsenal of nerf and waterguns and now have air soft Sig sauers which we don't shoot each other with but get in a lot of target practice! I never thought I would like shooting a "gun" but I do! The boys love it and Troy did shoot me in the ankle one day! It helps get the aggression out and put the laughter in!