Monday, September 22, 2008

Crisp Pumpkins in The Fog

I was up, but I was not awake. Autumn makes me want to be a poet, a singer... and I was trying to make an autumnally descriptive greeting to my drowsy boys this morning, but I should have waited until I was fully cognizant. I said it was "a beautiful, blue skied first day of Fall, with crisp pumpkins in the fog." Fortunately my boys have come to appreciate my unique brand of random, nonsensical poetry and lyrics. And you know what? I'm sticking with crisp pumpkins in the fog. I think it's a fitting and lovely picture of the season.

Welcome Fall.
Happy pumpkins and harvests, sweaters and cider.
Follow leaves turning crimson and amber, drifting to the ground.
Feel the cooling and slowing and easing into night.
Welcome comfort and gathering and Autumnal delight.

Maria filled her basket with fabric scraps during our recent visit to Starry Night Hollow. There are a lot of simple and fun things that Maria enjoys doing, and visiting the scrap tub at the quilt shop is one of the most fun. We dive in together, pulling up colors, shapes, prints, textures. She talks about the patterns and makes little stories about the different pieces of fabrics. At home she'll sit beside me in our corner of the garage. With her scissors and tape, and sometimes asking me to run a seam on the machine, she creates all kinds of art... she plays and works.

Maybe it's creative kinship that makes it such a pleasure to meet people at Starry Night Hollow. All around, inside and out, are the samples and examples of other people's play and work, so that the whole place is a welcome and inspiring retreat. Maria feels right at home there.

Real crows have been filling the skies and perching on rooftops, in the trees. They chase even bigger birds and caw-caw-caw. Such a classic image of Autumn and rural, harvest images. Isn't this scrap cloth crow clever? She's a gift from our shop friends. Maria and I put her together, and now she's inspiring more decorating inclinations. It could be fun to put a wreath on the gate, and dust off our old scarecrow.

I always question whether it's too soon to start decorating or planning. But lets' face it, time slips by so fast, how could it possibly be too soon to think of pumpkins and baking, of stitching little gifts, getting cozy with yarn and quilt tops? I am bit. Welcome Fall. Welcome, and stay and let me celebrate with abandon and gratitude.


natalie said...

fun! F. U. N.

you are always as busy as I am. hehe! keep it UP! yes, i do have a lot on my head, my heart weighs heavy. just keep me in your thoughts... i shall talk about them in a month or so. just something i'm having to go through. not too worry. the good news will be blogged about in a month or so

Mama Spark said...

Your description of Starry Hollow always makes me wish I could visit it. Maybe someday when I come and visit you will take me there?

Tracy said...

Oh, such fun...what a happy post! Love all those pumpkins...I'm mad about look at and to eat! ;o) Happy fall to all of you...Fall and quilting seem made for each other, don't they? There's something about fall that makes us take up our needles and work again with more vigor, don't you think? Happy Days, my friend! And so glad to see you stopped in for a visit at my place--always a treat :o) ((HUGS))

Em said...

Natalie, I just LOVE reading your blog.... Sometimes I don't have anything to say, but I love reading it... Oh - I'm glad you went to the wedding. It was great for your kids to see more of their family. I sometimes have to be prodded to go to family functions too... it's Ok.

Lesley said...

Hi Natalie! Great to be back and thanks for dropping by yesterday.
Oh there's definitely a change in the air today (Tuesday). And it's quite a bit darker when I wake up, I love it! It was cool and misty when we walked the dogs round the park before brekkie this morning.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a downpour? And an autumn without those dreadful Santa Anas?
Any ideas for the quilt show fabrics you picked up?

Tiglizzyclone said...

I was going to comment and it dissapeared. Sorry if this shows up twice. That's a cute little clothcrow. I think the kids in our classroom could do something similar.

Happy Zombie said...

OH NATALIE! Your poem just rocked me! I love Autumn so much. My favorite time of year (and I think it's never to early to decorate). Your poem captured in the words I could never form how I feel about Autumn. Beautiful!

And that little crow... he's the icing on the cake! He's so cute! I wish you and Maria would think about making a pattern for him!!!

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

Oh...I found another chicken blogger! I just love your photo's and the choices of fabric in your quilt pieces. Lovely!