Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lots and Lots to Share

I didn't know what to title this post. I have so much on my mind, so much to say, and some of it is lovely and sentimental and important, and some of it is pointless, and some of it is probably going to wind up on the cutting room floor, because occasionally I have the good sense to censor myself.

I am debating... should I write detailed accounts of the weekend's events, and add more about things that happened during the week, or should I be more pragmatic, expedient, and just make a list? Lists lack poetry, but elaborate, descriptive posts take time and peace of mind... obviously this is not an occasion when I have elected to censor myself... my, but I can ramble...

How about a picture?

I thought we weren't going to make it to this wedding, but I have a persistent sister and she somehow managed to nudge me just enough... Alex, Max, Maria and I went to a family wedding, and along the way we met Hans and Gretchen. We also had the pleasure of reuniting with cousins and aunts and uncles and familia, so of course I have no regrets about going. I know it sounds terrible that I had to be persuaded to go to a family wedding, but sometimes life's complications blur my senses and my priorities, and I stray.

Maria was completely enchanted by the outdoor wedding with all the floral arrangements and all the friendly faces. She is keenly aware of pageantry and loveliness, and she was happy to embrace everything and everyone. Sitting on her Aunt Gretchen's lap, she had a comfortable view of the bride and groom's wedded kiss.

It's time for me to actually learn how to use my camera, maybe take a photography class. Not too many of the pictures I took came out very well. There are some good ones... not sure I can share them... blog etiquette is a balancing act, that at times finds me faltering.

I am never really sure who I am addressing through Chickenblog. Does anyone hope for wedding facts, a guest list, a photograph of the table settings? I do know that my thoughts should have been on the happiness of the occasion, the joy of the bride and groom. Truthfully, I was anxious about finding a gorgeous dress that detracted from my amplicity (not a real word, but a gentle euphemism,) highlighted my femininity, and cost next to nothing. I was focused on keeping Maria appropriately dear and sweet and good. I was in minor anguish over getting as many of our household members to attend and be suitably attired. We don't dress-up. We rarely ever go out to any place that requires more than clean shorts. I could not believe that I have no make-up. I found a little powder. I searched far and wide and finally located a tube of lipstick. My hair... I washed it, dried it and brushed it, and it looked about the same as it always looks.

So, you know, I was nervous and reluctant and full of thoughts, and yet, in the end, it was a really nice occasion. And if I had just dropped all my baggage, it would have been a whole lot easier to just go and enjoy seeing family and friends, share in the beauty of a garden wedding, chill.

I broke my finger. As long as I am managing to make their wedding all about me, I may as well mention that as I was opening Maria's stroller, the 2 bars that meet snagged my pinky, crushing and tearing the tip of it. I totally kept my composure. I didn't even say, "!yowfttttmmckckckmmfff!*" Geoff thinks I did break it because whenever anything, like air or dust, touches it, it just hurts like a mmmfttckeerdngggrrr.

How about another picture?

Gigi and Michael's reception was just beginning to roll when we needed to slip away. No cake, no dinner, no toast. Maria woke from her nap and she was disoriented and just a wee bit irrational. I figured we made a nice entrance, shared good times, so why not make a nice, quiet exit? I hope that wasn't rude. I don't want to be rude. We were just trying to be practical.

Before she fell asleep, and subsequently awoke cranky, Maria got an Aunt Gretchen Manicure Special. Thank goodness for aunts. Aunts know how to dress pretty and accessorize. Aunts carry polish in their purses. Aunts can indulge nieces with luxuries and pampering, with a touch of make-believe sophistication. Maria gets swoony for all of the above.

What else did I want to mention?

1. My Mom sent us a delightful care package. She's determined to sparkle me out of the blues with her feminine powers of maternal love and artistry. Too flowery? Sorry. She sent jewelry to cheer me up. She sent Maria princess inspired jewels. She sent me 2 wraps, which I have been draping over my shoulders and wearing as a long distance hug. As soon as I clear a spot in the house I will take pictures and share what she made. They are so pretty.

2. Maria and I found ourselves at a favorite spot, Starry Night Hollow. I'm telling you, if you find yourself in So Cal and craving creativity, color, garden beauty, laughter, support, classes, quilty attractions... look no further. And coming soon, October 3-5th, Fall Festival! It's like June Jamboree, but with pumpkins and bobbing for apples!

3. My finger hurts.

How about another picture?

4. Next time I go shopping for a gorgeous dress, I want to bring a friend... someone kind and honest, gentle, but fashion savvy. Someone who can say, things like: "You'll melt in wool. That is not your color. Are you kidding? Let me get you another size. It's not you, it's the cut. No. No. No." And, "Gorgeous!"

5. Vote for Harv. Make a Young Boy's Dream Come True!

6. Chango is recovering. He almost died. He had a blocked something or other... I'll spare you the details. We are in recovery, and hoping he keeps making good progress toward total healing. Poor kitty.

7. This is conference week at Max's school. W00Ts for half days!

8. I'll reserve #8 for what may come, after all the weekend is not through.


prairieknitter01 said...

Oh, dear, your poor finger! Elevate! Ice! Brandy?

My own experience is that the best dress for you will be a classic cut that costs about half again as much as you think you can afford. It will make you look effortlessly elegant and last five to seven years with care. I try mine on at least once every six months and if it doesn't fit, I force myself to think about why.

I don't have money for clothes, I guess, but there is always money for vet bills. Urinary blockages are vicious but currently I have a cat who broke her tail at the top so is now slightly paralyzed due to vertebral damage. Her legs work fine. We had to amputate her tail. What part is partially paralyzed? Her colon and her bladder, which leak occasionally - like right before company walks in. But this is not about ME, right? ;)

If I could go back and re-do one thing about my childhood, I would stop my dear sweet mother from freaking out about Events, like your wedding this weekend. She worried about everything, and by the time we got to the Events, we were all stressed out and expecting the worst. End result? My generation refuses to do Events. We don't get together for Christmas, Thanksgiving -- nothing, because it's All Too Hard. We can't even think about Events to plan anything resembling them! Everything has to be totally casual with No Expectations. So, as you can imagine, nothing is particularly special and nothing is anticipated. There has to be a happy medium between frozen in fear and never anything special, but my family has lost the will to do it.

How did my whole life get to be a cautionary tale? DON'T BE LIKE ME.

Andrea, who promises she will never post first again, because she's just so damn depressing...

Frogdancer said...

This is one monster post! I hope you can touch type, because if you're a slow look-for-the-keys typist like me it would've taken you longer to write it than it did to go to the actual wedding. (Nice photos, by the way.)

Hope your finger is feeling better. You never realise how often you use little fingers until something goes awry...

Anna Banana said...

Sending healing thoughts to you and Chango. Big congrats for going to the wedding. I'm sure you looked as great as your children. Maybe not as great as Aunt Gretchen, who looks like that TV star on Brothers and Sisters but more athletic. Love your supportive friend with no fashion sense, but lots of hugs.

nikkipolani said...

Natalie, I'm so sorry about your finger! I'm having sympathy pains because my wrist is still causing pain -- how much I took being pain-free for granted! I'm not sure you need a photography class. Whatever you're doing with the camera works beautifully :-) Oh, and hugs to dear Chango.

cristina thornburg photography said...

I'm so glad you came to the wedding. It was nice to see you, though I was sorry I didn't get to sit with you and have a leisurely chat! We'll have to make up for that soon! Love, Tina

Tiglizzyclone said...

I hope you and Chango get to feeling better. Last week I slipped on some water and hurt my knee. It still hurts... can't even cross my bed on my knee. And hey! your art is real nice.