Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Like My Own Personal New Year Day

It's Like My Own Personal New Year Day

And if you think my last post was reflective, you should hear my brain today. I will say this, a gift from my Mommy, "We are all works of art in progress."

Sometimes I feel like I am still trying to choose the right paint.

Sometimes I am glad that a work of art can be a collaborative effort, and with words of inspiration from another good friend, I am ready for my new year.
Happy birthday to me.


  1. Hurray, hurray for your birthday day! How wonderful and exciting to be able to be there with you in spirit, to have had our little package arrive on time! Happy birthday, my dear friend, with many happy returns of the day.

  2. Very Happy Birthday! And many many more.

  3. I do hope you have a happy birthday!

  4. Very Happy Birthday Natalie!

    I hope you celebrated loudly tonight . . . if you wait until tomorrow, no one would know . . . LOL

    Hope it was a great day.

  5. Happy birthday, dear friend.

    You share a birthday with my late brother-in-law whom I loved very much, and miss enormously.

    I'm deliughted to have a new friend to celebrate Dec 30th with.

    A work of art indeed

    much love

    Laura x

  6. HaPpY bElAtEd BiRtHdAy!!!! Love those earrings! -tonia


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