Friday, January 02, 2009

Today and Tomorrow

I say, let's begin with a joke. I don't tell enough jokes, considering how much I love jokes, especially rather bad ones. This joke came from my brother Hans:

A rope steps in to a bar and takes a seat. The bartender eyes him suspiciously and barks, "We don't serve ropes. Get out!"
The poor little rope slunk out, sad and dejected.
Then he pulled himself together, so to speak, and tied himself in to a knot and tousled his top end.
He turned around and walked confidently up to the bar.
The bartender caught sight of him and yelled "Hey you! Didn't I kick you outta here already?"
And the little rope replied, " 'fraid not."

Feeling something like a frayed knot myself, I giggle knowingly.

I am so behind!

So woefully behind.

To say nothing of my behind.

Today I am going to do somethings. Some. Things. I am being nonspecific, because I feel uncertain and uncommitted and unprepared. The holidays have taken their toll. Yes, I felt the deep, spiritual uplifting joy of seasonal gratitude and reflection, but honestly, I have to say it's a lot of work getting to that plane of existence, and sometimes the returns turn out to be something less than coal. My friend Anne may be reading this and having a chuckle at my expense... she knows what I am not saying.

Yes, so. So, I am going to clean some and move stuff around, and I am going to make a few calls and reply to some emails and then I am going to line up projects and give them serious consideration and devise a plan for finishing those projects. The new year does that to most folks... we feel a drive to begin anew and make things right and done and good. I am not alone in my quest, and I am extra inspired by Jennifer to commit to project completions. Tomorrow I will show the beginnings, middles and ends of WIPs and domestic projects.

My first thought, when thinking of joining Jennifer in tackling tasks and blogging about it, was to possibly finish the pink crochet blanket I started December 26th. I've made tremendous progress. It's getting big enough to appreciate the weight and comfort of it and to like the pattern that I settled on. I am far enough along to feel eager about seeing it complete, and even more eager to imagine it in the house that I want to move in. to. this. year.

I set the afghan on the floor so I could document the size, or the beginning, and prepare for documenting my task completion. Looks good, I though to myself. And, Ha! I guess I can have a glass of sparkling California wine, stay up 'til 1 am and crochet!

Err... or not.

On closer inspection I realized that I was 2 rows short on the last blue stripe. Grrrrr.

So, my first project or task, was to unravel two perfectly good dark pink rows of crocheting.

Yes, frayed so! lol

Then I'll add the missing blues and continue again with the dark pink, 8 rows of light pink, 2 rows of dark pink, 6 rows of blue, 8 rows of light pink, 4 rows of blue, 6 rows of light pink and 2 or 3 finishing rows of dark pink all around.

Even unraveling yarn is more interesting than the other tasks I should be attending. Check with me tomorrow and see if I get anything done, or better yet, join us and share your progress.


mtnchild said...

bad joke - yup, I love them too!

There isn't a crochet project that I've done in my life, where I haven't ripped out part of it. It is a lot easier ripping crochet than knitting, and I've done that too!

I usually have the same kind of help when ripping - two of them!

Have a calm beginning to your new year, catch your breath and then DIVE in!


campbellgirl said...

Good lord, woman, do you ever sleep?!! I'm amazed you've done that much crochet in such a short time, ON TOP of all your other day to day stuff. GO NAT!! Nice colours, and nice stripe pattern too. Crochet does mesmerise one sometimes. I love watching my fingers make the stitches, I've crocheted for so many years now that the fingers are pretty much in control of themselves!

Just wait till you start rippling my dear .....

Tiglizzyclone said...

Wish seam ripping sewing was as interesting as unraveling yarn!

Jennifer said...

We'll have to have that conversation, someday, about the relative return on the holidays -- the attempt to balance what goes into it to what we get out of it (spiritually, emotionally, physically). I struggle with it every. year.

Meanwhile, I like the getting goings you're talking about, and look forward to seeing the progress!

Anna Banana said...

I see you've been spending time with your bunny prother! Hope it's going well today.