Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post # 1,296: BFTC

This could have been a post about chili, but my picture came out blurred. This could have been a post about a conversation I overheard, but I suspect you would not believe it wasn't me, talking to a paid professional. This could be a post about the Bloggie nominees for 2009, and my total indifference to the significance of that... hmph. Suffice to say, I am not feeling "squirmy." I even debated not posting. Yes, actually accepting that I don't have anything newsy or bright to share and leaving it at that. Then I vetoed posting about how I have elected not to post, again, about my same old stories with the housing market and feeling utterly hopeless and forlorn, and decided instead to just let my silence reflect my calm maturity, my evolvement. Why is that 'calm maturity' and 'evolvement' are so unsatisfying, unless people are aware and impressed with one's calm maturity and evolvement?

This is post # 1, 296. There is no giveaway. No prizes. No awards. The children are well. The adults are, well, adult, or nearly so. We have no grand vistas, vacation plans, rants, crafts, surveys, memes, quizzes, puzzles, announcements, proclamations, recipes, coupons, or tech advice. The chicas are laying, and they do not like the organic, crumble food in the 50 pound sack. The chili I made for dinner was delicious, and it's gone, which is good.

So, why am I posting, if I have nothing to say? That is a mystery. That is blogging and the Internet... sometimes it is just pointless.


Sometimes blogging is pointless, unless, as my dear friend Campbellgirl points out, you have a BFTC.

That is all.


judy in ky said...

Hi Natalie,
I left a surprise for you on my blog.

Tonia said...

Cute kitty!
What is up with chickens not liking the organic stuff in large, expensive bags? Mine won't eat it either!

Jennifer said...

But I have to say that simply "hearing your voice" when you do post, on anything, is lovely in and of itself. It tells me you are there, and that is always what matters most.

mary smith said...

Oh, this was a refreshing post to read indeed!!

Tiglizzyclone said...

A very studious animal there. I love those cat eyes!

belinda said...

...Nice Cat...!!!!