Friday, January 30, 2009

Something Good To Say

Blogging is such a compulsion for me, I don't think a day goes by when I am not thinking about posting something on Chickenblog.
But. Well, lately all of my posts have been sitting in a draft file. My thoughts, feelings and other musings have been too morose,
sad, frustrated, cranky, angry, bitter, funky and junky for daylight. I know, it hasn't stopped me from sharing before, but I find that
even my brilliant insights and reflections on the economy, our government, housing woes and the trials of being a rental
rat in a high brow neighborhood are just too depressing to print.

Yet, still, here I am. Here I am trying to think of something to share, something to extend to the world or to mark for our own memory banks.
And I got nothing. No pictures. No insights. Nothing. Do you think it's true, the old adage... if you can't say something good, then don't say anything?

Every thing I think of seems to come from someone else who is doing it, or saying it or sharing it better. So, I will fall back on the very essence and
core of what blogging is all about... creating a web... logging strands and connections between people and ideas, art, creativity, news.

Turkey Feathers has put up her banner for February, a bit early, but she's a busy talent and she
knows that some things are "now or never." This is the blog I visit
for eye-candy and reflections on life in a creative home. I am looking forward to ordering her book, "Blanket Statement." I know I won't find (much) time to start new projects... no matter, her inspiring ideas and beautiful photographs are a heartwarming tonic.

I have been abroad, in Belgium, exploring a whole new country and adapting to life far from my Georgia home... oh, wait.. not me, Dallas! Dallas, "For The Journey," is in Belgium, exploring a whole new country and adapting to life away from her Georgia home. She's brought her amazing photography skills, her sewing machine and her husband, so there are the familiar subjects I knew from her old blog, but now they are living in Europe and I have been enjoying the sights and following along as she navigates new paths.

Another adventurer I visit is Tara, of "TinyGlutton." She's a Canadian mother of 3 and she is a super quilter and skilled thrifter, living in Idaho. I love the light, bright and fresh looking quilt she posted about today. She played along in the "Interview Me" posts that "Chapter III" got me started on. Tara answered all of the questions posed to her in this post. I think the interview posts have been very interesting.

Recently I have been visiting a new to me blog called, "Wonders Never Cease." I think I should go to this blog whenever I am on empty. She posts a variety of links and her own reflections on a single subject, including a variety of related images and videos. It's like a mini explore, with tangents, of an idea, or a word, or a person, or a name... Just go see for yourself. I am realizing that I am running out of time, before I should be cleaning, cooking, driving, organizing, filing etc and I won't be able to highlight as many blogs as I had hoped, so I am not saying as much, as well, as I would like... Don't assume you know what she is going to say about a subject... ready for Change?

My time is up. I really am going to walk away from the computer and get busy with clearing messes and even making new messes.
Have a good weekend. Get inspired. Find a view. Come by and share some news.


amy smith said...

i love you natalie.
that's all.

tara said...

hey, there's me. I am blushing. Thanks for the love. It made my day.

d.a. said...

Be well, m'lady. {{{hug}}}

Jennifer said...

Wandering through others' worlds really is the tonic of blogging; thanks for sharing some nifty places I'd never seen (along with a favorite!). I think part of being a blogger is having that constant stream on in your head of what you could write, and I wonder, seriously, what tiny percentage of all the brain power everywhere gets posted. So often, I feel, my best posts never get out of my head; I think of them better, and with more time, than I write them. Another discovery of the universal nature of the beast?

mtnchild said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. He is doing fine, just a bit sore still, but coming along nicely.

There have been some days where I really, really wanted to post, but all I could do was stare at the screen and nothing would come about. I hate that!

Hopefully I can get going with some crafts again and show more pictures of them.


Tracy said...

Here's a quote I came across last week, by a Joan Duncan Oliver--"You life is you gift to the world--the ultimate experssion of you." How BIG is that?! Love you, Natalie :o) ((HUGS))

Andylynne said...

Hey there,
Even when you can't think of any thing to say you are brillent. I enjoyed your blog tours. I can understand your doldrums, really I do. Some days it just has to be enough to wake up alive huh. Take care sweet person, thanks againg for sharing your thoughts with us.

CrazeeTeacherLady said...

I think you show great restraint. Even when I don't have anything to say, I write something. LOL.

Tiglizzyclone said...

Natalie, I miss you when you don't post! I hope you are ok. I understand totally about thoughts, and feelings being "morose." I myself am a terrible pessimist. I have it constantly in the back of my mind somewhere that I will be soon living on a street somewhere.

judy in ky said...

Hi Natalie,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am also looking for a place that feels like true home.

Kelly said...

What gets me through winter is what I am doing right now, going to Poultry shows, showing at poultry shows. It wont be long and we will all be back outside enjoying the warm days and smell of fresh cut grass. :) I enjoy your blog very much, so just keep writing! Kelly

Dallas said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. And the link to the other blogs - I need to check them out. I don't think I would have so much to share if it weren't for the fact that I'm in another country and everything surrounding me is new.