Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today Is Wednesday. PST 8:34 AM. March 18, 2009

Less of a post title, more of a method for re-acclimating to Western Hemisphere time and space. Please feel free to write and tell me that jet lag is a mind numbing, knee buckling, booty kicking journey in to atypical confusion. Following Chicken Abroad with a high school field trip-road trip to an international robotics competition in Phoenix, AZ... Crazy. We are doing this, but I am not sure how. A leisurely eight hour drive home after seventy-two hours of robo-mania... would be ideal, but Geoff has a flight to SF first thing Sunday morning, so we gotta haul bot out of Arizona...

I don't know why I am posting right now, except that I like bogging... I like pouring out my thoughts, sorting my feelings, sharing all the stuff, even if I do look like a focused, absorbed, hunkering dork, tapping away at my keyboard.

Someday I will write a great book about being Chicken, Abroad and how to cope with nameless dread, fear of flying and opportunistic cabbies, and it will be full of great pictures and my happy reflections on how the world is amazing and full and interesting and amusing... it will be awesome.

Cool dogs.

Faces everywhere.

Beauty in unexpected spaces.

Real life time travel.

Visual feasts.

New places that become familiar and dear, the world is smaller.


Tiglizzyclone said...

I love all the pictures! Glad you are safe back in the USofA! That market scene is especially interesting and yummy looking! If you could see me right now you wouldn't feel so much like a dork. I am in various stages of undress... I shouldn't be on the Internet, but should be taking a shower, doing laundry, helping out with dinner and much more!!

Laura Jane said...

You say typing dork like its a bad thing....(me in my jammies, lank hair). Your point?

Love the photos.

That one with you time could set that as a story-starter prompt thingy.

Se? We typey-dorky-geeky people are articulate.

Happy botting in jet lag land

Judy said...

Welcome home Natalie! I can assure you that jet-lag has been known to knock me flat. You are not alone!

nikkipolani said...

So glad you're home... and jumping in with both feet from the sound of it! Looking forward to hearing your stories and photos -- that one of the motorcyclist is fabulous, by the way :-)

d.a. said...

Welcome back! Do give yourself time to re-acclimate to the USA, it'll take a few days, maybe even a week or so. Big hugs to you!

Anna Banana said...

Take care of yourself, girlfriend. Go bot team!

warren said...

It looks marvelous! Can't imagine your jet lag but I am sure it is all worth it!

Sara said...

Welcome home! I enjoyed reading about your adventures and admired your ability to put them into words on the spot like that. I think I would have been too overwhelmed by just living the travel to think about what to write. You were a fantastic Chicken Abroad!

mary smith said...

Were you in Spain? (I'm trying to guess) You are so lucky!!! I love your photo of the market. Aren't they great? Traveling is the best!