Friday, May 29, 2009

Flossing Every Day

Embroidery floss that is... I should remind myself to play with some every day. I love the seemingly limitless color options and all the possibilities of scenes and images waiting to be stitched to life. As far back as grade school I have liked to pull a needle with thread or yarn. And whenever I go to Alicia Paulson's blog or open her book, "Stitched In Time," I am reminded of lovely and creative pastimes I could be enjoying. "Posie Gets Cozy" has many posts dedicated to embroidery and look for her free embroidery patterns... whimsical images for dishtowels.

Usually I sketch my own images to embroider, but sometimes I find one that I cannot pass up. I could not resist printing the patterns offered at "Turkey Feathers..." you never know what you'll find when you click on the button "Sweet Surprises." This is another wonderful blog for endless inspiration, in the garden, in the kitchen, with needle and thread. This is another blogger that has published a book! Vicki Haninger's "Blanket Statement" is a personal narrative, as well as a guide for sewing with wool felt and making the most of a thrifted treasure.

I wish there were more opportunities to make all the things I am inspired to make. I think it's a matter of habits... trading bad habits for fun ones. Less time channel surfing = more time to sew. Of course sometimes I go to the other extreme, ignoring everything so I can finish stitching a cute bunny with an appliqued apron. I get obsessed! Vicki shared several animals in aprons to copy and embroider, and she gave instructions for using them to make a quilt. Maria chose the bunny when I asked her which I should make. When it was finished I knew I had to add it to something, but what?

Introducing Maria's Bunny Apron! I traced the front half of one of her dresses and made my own pattern for a two sided apron with pockets. It has a drawstring tie that slides from the waist, up around her neck and back down to the other side... does that make sense? Well, however badly I describe it, the method works.

Sometimes aprons get dirty and wash day does not always come around soon enough, so we have a solution for that: Flip!

A different pocket, just for fun. Room to collect things.

Maria likes her aprons. She wears them for doing art and eating yogurt. She wears them in the garden and to the farmer's market. I think this could be a fun one to bring on our trip... she can have two looks for one when we "pack lightly."

Don't worry... I wouldn't do it, but looking at this picture I cannot help but imagine Betty in a smart little apron. Grin.

My own design... inspired by what? I wonder. Grin.
It needs somewhere to go...

And do not miss this terrific chance to win your own apron from Missy of Spring Bean Things!


nikkipolani said...

Absolutely wonderful useful ingenious apron! The apron model is also fantastic ;-)

tara said...

Love love the apron. Aprons on kids is a wonderful thing. I have a dress pattern that has a double front and you can flip it side to side.
You know that chicken book you are going to write? Maria wearing that outfit needs to be in it.
Is the last piece (of the chicken) your own design?

Becky said...

I love aprons! I love chickens!

How smart and creative you are!

Thanks for stopping by my GiveAway!

Em said...

Awesome Apron!!!! I totally understand the drawstring tie, and around the neck loop thingy - great! I bet Maria loves it - I don't blame her! I love it too - the double sided-ness is great and I love the little stitchery... what will you do with the chica one? Great job!

Laura Jane said...

Oh!!! Too adorable, both Maria AND the apron and chica stitchery.

Aprons really are very practical. I love the pink rosy fabric.

Maybe the chica stitchery can be for a matching apron for Mama?

judy in ky said...

Maria's apron is SO CUTE! I love it, and she looks so happy in it.
The chica design is amazing... it's obvious that you are a talented stitcher. I wish I were close enough to take lessons from you. I have books, but it's so much better when someone shows you in person.

Nice work! Some day you will be writing a book.

Anna Banana said...

Beautiful! You are an artist.

~Vicki said...

Now that is as cute as can be--both the apron, and Maria! What a great way to use the design. You inspire me! I love the little chicken heart you did. Thanks for the mention and the praise too.

I will try and add some new sweet surprises soon! xox

OIJOY PHOTO - the blog said...

Maria is so precious! I bet she is well protected by all her brothers. Love the photos of her in the apron.

Julie said...

Darling apron! I love when aprons have the adjustable neck thing. Love the embroidery, especially impressed by your original design! You seem to have more than one woman's share of talents! And Maria is so adorable. Love when you post pictures of her. Chasing the chicken for a hug?? Cracked me up!

Alicia P. said...

Be still my heart -- what a darling, darling post (and darling girl).xo

Jon said...

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Cheers. Jon @