Friday, May 29, 2009

I Think You Should Know

"Spring Bean Things" is having a wonderful apron giveaway! Missy is a seamstress and a generous blogger, and if you leave a comment mentioning the word "apron" in her giveaway post, then you may attain super-powers! Okay. The super-powers are not guaranteed, but you really could win a beautifully made, custom ordered apron, and if you are lucky, like me, your new apron may inspire sweet heroic skills.


Em said...

I think I saw an apron with strawberries on it!! They are beautiful, and I went over to put my name in the hat - thanks for sharing!!!

Missy said...'re the sweetest Natalie! Thanks for sending some apron wishers my way. Maria's bunny apron is about the sweetest thing I've seen! What a lucky little chickpea she is :-)