Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Place is Amazing

No pictures. No links. No prose or poetry.
No time to compose a real post, with real content.
It's just that we are having too much fun and by the time we pause to catch our breaths... well by then we are drawing the drapes and saying goodnight... even with the sunlight glaring.

We are in the Netherlands, near Apeldoorn and Arnhem and the Veluwe... near all, because this country is so small. It is small, and appealing, in too many ways. We are almost overwhelmed with how much we find appealing. Today we swam for hours, then rode a quad bike for four and a low bike with a sidecar. We walked and played and jumped. We read and showered and made plans for tomorrow. We've seen new born baby goats and Max even held one! I have never seen as many rabbits, every size and breed, together in one happy place in all my life. There are geese and doves and even a solitary chicken.

Tomorrow we are going in to Amsterdam, which may prove a difficult negotiation. The children will question the merit of leaving the quiet country, pools and bowling, bicycles, mini golf and marvelous playgrounds for another city. I suspect that Amsterdam will not disappoint them. Would anyone care to suggest eating places in Amsterdam? We are aiming for scenic walks, the Anne Frank House, Rembrandt's home, and the Van Gogh Museum... if that isn't too much already maybe You have a suggestion for a cannot miss activity-sight-taste?

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