Friday, July 03, 2009

Like Comic-Con With Better Food!

Bruxelles is one lively place. Once we parked and settled in to our rooms it wasn't long before we realized we were in a place that was going to be ideal for sights and fun. Our hotel was a lucky find... about a two minute walk from the Grand Place, a UNESCO world heritage site. I know I already mentioned the food, but seriously... good food is not hard to come by in Bruxelles! And laundry day was a huge success too!

We were only there two nights, but our rooms were comfortable and we were more at ease about everyone moving at their own pace. Geoff took a long explore on his own. Alex and I met fellow blogger and new resident of Bruxelles, Dallas... she's keeping a beautiful and travel inspiring blog about her new life living in Belgium. It's a great mix of amazing photography, nature, daily adjustments and sewing... For The Journey is a favorite blog. Today she is posting about the heat wave... it's pretty bad here in the Netherlands too!

Dallas also passed along her comic-mural map of Bruxelles. The city is dotted with comic scene murals painted on walls. We found some of them, and the Tintin store. William and Alex were reading Tintin before we arrived in Europe, so it was fun to visit the gallery-store and to recognize the mural near our hotel. Max and Maria joined their brothers in Tintin appreciation.

My mom was asking to hear from the boys... what are they doing and thinking? The answer is: They are trying new foods, taking long, long walks, exploring sites and people watching. We met Del and Joyce, a couple from Chicago... we shared a long lunch and engaging conversations about Wisconsin, video gaming, traveling, multiculturalism and where to find the best chocolate! They ordered the mussels and even Max gave the local favorite a try. He said they were good and he said he did not need to order a pot of his own. William got to enjoy a chance to share his knowledge of video games and the process of making games... the kinds of games and methods of producing different game styles. Later William took over the camera to capture some images of this beautiful place... we all love the local custom of gathering in a central place, relaxing, conversing, expressing through art, music... I know, this is my point of view, but mom, the boys play so hard and so late that they sleep until we are on the move again! Computer time is brief and I get it only because I wake early to write before we head out the door again! Until they tell you or make time to write, know that they have been engaged and intrigued and good and very, very busy!

Did I mention Alex is talking about going to school in Bruxelles? He is especially taken with the city, including the “pedestrians first” traffic rules, the amazing sandwiches and definitely the jar of Speculoos Dallas gave us. He also loves the many bookstores and all the great comic art.

The time! Gotta go!

We head to Germany today, all the way to the Black Forest. It may be sometime before I can post again... depending on WIFI availability etc. We are making our way from Netherlands to Barcelona in the next 4 days!

One of William's beautiful Bruxelles photograph.

Coming soon! The future is now!
Can you guess where our last stop in Bruxelles was?


Sproglet said...

Did you have time to visit Brugges? Also a very beautiful place :o)

Gaahhhhhh, chocolate!!

You've made me hungry now

CrazyCris said...

Oh! You've gotten a great shot of one of my favourite walls in Bruxelles! I love that Tintin and Cptn Haddock running down the stairs!

And all pedestrians love the "pedestrians first" traffic law that is in place (and respected!!!) all over Belgium! Only problem is once you get used to it and go out of the country... oops! After a year there whenever I came home to Spain on holiday my sisters would have to hold me back when I crossed a street so I wouldn't get run over! lol!

4 days from the Netherlands to Barcelona? Bon voyage! It will be tiring!

this trip of yours makes for very interesting reading... thanks for sharing it with us!

TCavanaugh said...

Your trip sounds so wonderful and how great an experience for your children! I can't wait to hear how you like the Black Forrest...I was there as a child.

Aakar said...

nice pictures and nice gossips...enjoyed reading your blog in random visit..


Beth said...

Great Photographs.

Tiglizzyclone said...

Love reading about what you and your family are experiencing! Great photos!

Anna Banana said...

Guten tag! Wie gehts? Auf Wiedersehen! Heute zuruck zu California fur mich.

Love this WV today - roilly. The roilly family bids you continuing wonderful adventures.

allie said...

what a wonderful blog. so happy i stumbled upon it. i took a trip like this with my family when i was 16...the memories last forever.

your photos are wonderful!