Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Thought It Was a Goof-up

I am stunned, and I cannot write. I do not know what to write. After blogging for 7 years, I have just today broken a comments record... 30 comments! Thirty comments?! I thought someone was goofing around, or that my server was acting up, but I did not think that Chickenblog had achieved “Blog of Note” status. Maybe you cannot tell by reading this, but I am shaking and sort of babbling and laughing, and I am debating: Should I continue as though nothing has changed? Should I explain that I am easily amused and know that it is St. Pancras, not St. Pancreas? Should I reply to the commenter who thinks I write too much and try to convince him that every thought and word is essential and good, that I am really nice? Lol... Dude, if you think that post was long you should see my chicken posts.

Thank you. And welcome to Chickenblog. We are at the beginning of our family trip to Europe, a trip Geoff and I have anticipated since we were in high school. Now we are here at last, with our four children and about to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. The thing is, it's tricky blogging from here, because I do not have my usual posting set-up. Regular readers already recognize my methods and musings, but I am feeling caught off guard about greeting new visitors and naturally when someone new is at my door I want to make them comfortable and I want to have everything tidy and inviting... uh-oh, babbling.

We made it to The British Museum. Marvelous. It's like high school, when I enjoyed flipping through the pages of my history book to look for pictures and the more tangible bits of the story. We stood before the Rosetta Stone. Not a replica. Not a grainy textbook image, but the actual tablet fragment that unlocked the mystery of hieroglyphics. The British Museum is free and has been around since 1753... before we were One nation under God... William took pictures. Max enjoyed looking for a treasure to bring home. Alex found a ball... twelve free moving ivory spheres, carved from a single piece... one inside the next and about the size of a tennis ball... we need pictures, I know. Soon.

Next we Tubed to Hyde Park, the lake and playground, the Boathouse. It's so interesting to see unfamiliar trees and new flowers. Big trees. Really big. And beautiful flowers, like foxgloves and different poppies. At the lake were geese and ducks, coots, a great heron. Even the squirrels were charming. We walked quite a bit and then we played with a boomerang and a flying floppy disc. Then I lost my phone. Then I found my phone. Then I vowed to not lose my phone ever, ever again, because that was so not fun. Then we got floored by Harrod's where food and merchandise is displayed in theme park grandeur. Then we tried to keep Geoff awake for the Tube ride back to our hotel.

Back at the hotel Alex asked about the rest of our trip. He wanted a break down on the big city vs. small town ratio. He sides with small towns and countryside. He's not keen on the traffic here, or the rush of people jockeying for real estate on the Tube. Cities. They are frenetic. The energy seems to permeate the air and when inhaled can be a bit of a jolt. I like it in doses, like the times we stay in San Francisco or visit Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, but it's not our usual pace, so I understand Alex's feelings. He thinks it's all bit too much.

Good thing we began in London, where at least the language is familiar. I think jet lag and culture shock is a lot to mange and cope with.
And today? Today we ride the train to Paris. Another big city and us without a French Rosetta Stone... oh dear. It's too soon, isn't it? Our London time is brief, and I know we are missing an awful lot, not to mention the rest of the country. Next time I want to go the Lake District, to Scotland, to that area southeast of here featured in Jane Austen's novels... sigh. Next time, right?

Before we are all aboard, we need to wake Max, gather laundry and pack. We are close to the Body Organ St. Pancras Station, which is convenient. Maria calls it the castle and she wants to live there. We are going under the English Channel. Under. Oh man that is so totally weird.

Reading and enjoying all of your comments. Thank you. Geoff promises pictures asap, so stick around.


The villager: said...

Well done on Blogs of Note.

Nice blog.

curious_girl/ Maria said...

congratulations on making it on the list of Blogs of note!

Hopefully those 35 comments will add up every post you make ^ ^,

Pls help me with my twitter dilemma

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Isaac Yassar said...

Chicken blog, hmm... I love chickens.. They are delicious!

phyllis m nobles said...

beautiful blog :D thanks for sharing

judy in ky said...

Aww Natalie, we regulars always knew yours was a Blog of Note!
Congratulations on making it officially!

Kate said...

Wonderful writing! Love your blog -popped in to see it from Blogs of Note.

Well done and enjoy the rest of your magical trip!

blessingsgoddess said...

Delightful blog !

M.J.Y said...

I stumbled (metaphorically) across your blog as it highlighted on 'blog of note' - CONGRATULATIONS on that!
I can see why you have been selected, a wonderful and insightful blog.
Travelling Europe with the children seems a brave thing. I'd recommend whilst you're here in the good ol' UK to travel out of London and venture more towards the Midlands. Birmingham is a nice place to visit especially Cadbury's world (a chocolate factory)!

I shall pop back in the future as I've enjoyed the blog so far.
visit: www.doweneedanotherhero.blogspot.com

R.J. said...

Hi! Love your blog! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun and the children are precious. I think you're a very interesting writer; your enthusiasm shines through. If you enjoy it, other people will also.

Jaye said...

Congrats on blog of note! Glad you had an interesting time in London, I was born there but don't get back as much as I'd like. You are very brave to travel around with youngsters (but the train to Paris I found excellent!)
Lovely blog :)

K. said...

Congrats on blog of note! You are a funny lady...I enjoyed your post.

Jessie said...

congrats on blogs of note! that is pretty cool!

I was just in London over the holidays as my husband is from there. we went on the chunnel tunnel and it was amazing. you look up and it's dark for a while and then after about 25 mintues you look up and you're in France! super cool! enjoy paris and make sure you have some fresh crepes :)

like your blog!

Alex said...

As someone who went to Uni in France for awhile...here are some nice tips to avoid overly annoying the French:
-Always Always say 'Bonjour Madame' or 'Bonjour Monsieur' when you enter a shop. Ignoring the sales people is not on.
-If there is a little bowl/tray/thingie that looks like it could hold money on the counter where you pay, put your money there, not in the cashier's hand.
-If you are about to be annoying, somehow this is a golden phrase: 'Excusez-moi de vous derangez Madame/Monsieur' which means basically, excuse me for bothering you madame/sir... and is guaranteed to make people more likely to listen to your problem.

I loved Paris, enjoy! ..and make sure to eat lots of pastries!

Judi said...

Congratulations and please write, write, write as every word is necessary. You have beautiful children and beautiful cats. I don't know much about chickens but they also look very nice. Enjoy your trip! One day I'm going....

Anonymous said...

I live in Paris ... welcome !!! Or, en Francais, "Bienvenue" ... hope you enjoy your stay here !!!

Anna Banana said...

Please explain blogs of note to the clueless (me!). Congrats, and thanks for painting London so vividly for me. I remembered our trip, complete with snoozing on the tube, have photos to prove it. More, more, more!

Boomka said...

I am pretty sure you were destined for fame when you included the word chicken in your title. You can put the word chicken before or after any word and it makes it instantly hilarious. Example.
Tickle Chicken - Brilliant
Chicken Car - Fantastic
Big Chicken Hat - Magnificent
No surprise on the blog of note status. Kudos! (or if you prefer, Chicken Kudos)

Wild Creations said...

Hiya welcome to England, although it sounds like you've moved on to France now. Shame you couldn't stay longer. London is cool, but real busy, you should come out into the countyside and see our green and pleasent land.

Thanks for letting me see London from a visiters eyes. I could see it all so well from your descriptions.

Enjoy the rest of your trip. Europe might speak lots of different languages but they are all really nice.

intway.dn.ua said...

cool )

Glory von Hathor said...

Hello Blog of Note!

I live in London, which means I rarely see any of the good bits, but I do like the British museum. Was the Rosetta Stone smaller than you expected? I was quite taken aback.

Enjoy France!

Star said...

Congratulations on being chosen for Blog of Note. I hope you enjoy the extra attention. I love chickens and I found your Blog very interesting. Good luck
Blessings, Star

Kim said...

Hi and congrats on Blog of Note status!
I had only a few minutes to admire your blog today but I'll be back soon.
Have a great day!
- Kim

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

congrats on the "Blog of Note" thats how I found you and I must say I'll be back for more....enjoy your trip!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Congrats on getting the blog of note award and thats how I found you so I am glad.While in London you didnt happen to eat veal because my friend went there and she said she didnt... oh I guess I am babbling but I love your blog.

Andylynne said...

Why are you surprised??? Huh :) Finaly you have been noticed and sought after. Now we will have to fight to get to the blog first LOL.
Enjoy your trip, what an experience for you and your family. We need the Chickens abroad on a double decker bus. We need YOU with the guard at Buckinham palace. I KNOW your all going to have a wonderful trip. Thanks for letting us tag along.

Beth said...

Found you on Blogs of Note...Nice work! Enjoyed your piece on London and hope to return to read more.
Don't worry about too many words, even the ramblings were fun for me. You have a gift for clarity and enthusiasm. Keep sharing it!
Blogging friend in Florida.

Rose Reiki said...

It's a refreshing read. You were lucky to be chosen for Blog of Note, otherwise some never get to see other people's writings. Great blog.


mim* said...

cool blog!

Billy said...

Lovely blog, keep it going and enjoy your trip to Europe.

riecee said...

I have this silly little habit where I click on links and have no idea what page I'm about to chance upon. I'm glad I discovered your blog. Have a safe and happy trip! =)

Clare and Gary said...

Found you on the blogs of note...I'm realitively new to blogging and I hope that I can provide such a rich reading enviroment for my visitors...I'm going to add you to my blogs to follow, enjoy Europe, I'm English and I miss how cheap it is to travel :-)