Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have So Much More To Say!

Max leads the way through Rabbit Hill, Netherlands.

It's true what they say about a picture being a worth a thousand words, or in this case pictures are worth a thousand memories. As I download images from my memory sticks onto the Mac, I see stories and hear laughter and recall aggravation and relive awe and wonder, taste delightful flavors and smell the blooming trees out behind the Notre Dame... hundreds of instances that I forgot I remembered, or did I remember that I forgot them? I realize that I barely covered our four days in the Netherlands. While relaxing and enjoying the easier pace of our cabin in the woods, I took the time to decompress and sort out our Paris visit. After the Netherlands we drove so much and spent so little time in any one place that posts got thin and sporadic. I have more to say about Switzerland, Germany and Barcelona too, oh and Avignon! This could be like one of those slide shows where you are compelled to sit through someone else's vacation, except that I am not glancing your way to make sure you are watching, so feel free to leave the room if this gets dull or nauseating. I won't know.

Maria, intrepid Kasteel explorer, Limburg, Netherlands.

I do stop and wonder if revisiting Chickens Abroad for the next 4 months is really such a good idea, but then I am thankful. After blogging for seven years I am aware that discussing the waxing and waning of the laundry pile and reports on the health of our one hen can quickly lose its charm and allure. Fresh material is most welcome. And sitting here in Garage Mahal, in our suburban rental palace, everything about our time in Europe seems fresh and charming and alluring. Time passes and memory failure does its part, so that vacation memories are lovely and good... I barely recall that we forgot a critical piece of luggage at home, that I was thoroughly searched in the Calgary airport security, or that our credit card would not work anywhere en España. While I may, I will record all the good stuff about Chickens Abroad.

But where to begin?

The Salad. Avignon, France.

By topic... a foodie post with great meals and awesome snacks and unique discoveries?

Outrageous cafeteria at a Swiss truck stop. I could have vacationed here.

Ballenberg. Oh dear. It's a poem. Why did we ever leave?

A scenic wonders post full of landscapes and loveliness?

This was pure loveliness.

Family stuff. Our time in Barcelona. Seeing the Tour De France. Hiking the ruins of a castle. Mass in the Notre Dame.

Too many choices. It's like a banquet of treasures and goodness, all these memories. Happy sigh.

I think I will tell you about the Netherlands. Later today. This will take a bit of time.

By the way, how is Your summer going?


nikkipolani said...

Start wherever you like, Natalie, and share a little bit of it and then go on to the next place. I look forward to visiting (revisiting for you) these places through your eyes.

judy in ky said...

Chickens Abroad was magical and inspiring from what I have seen (of course, I didn't have to go through the grittier parts with you). My summer had nothing in it to measure up to yours, so I am happy that you shared yours with us.

sweetpea said...

Your photos are wonderful. You have a great eye. I never get board looking at then. You must have a great collection of photo albums.
Thank you for sharing!

Dallas said...

The photo of Ballenburg is beautiful. Your adventure sounds so amazing. We're getting ready to go on our own adventure for a couple weeks - all around Germany and some neighboring countries. I hope we have as good of a time as you've had on your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Just keep telling it. Any bits. I love other peoples travels when I've been there too - the different perspective is great and reminds me of things that had faded in my memories

mtnchild said...

That cafeteria is to die for!!! I am a bit hungry, maybe that's it??

The last picture in your post - is William taller than Geoff? I can't quite tell ...

You may show Chicken Abroad pictures from now until forever - doesn't bother me!


Bica said...

I'm new to this, and this is the first comment I've posted. I just came across your blog, and am so envious of all your adventures. The only two places I've been out of the country are Vancouver and Quebec City - not that those weren't wonderful mini vacations! Thanks for sharing - beautiful pics!

dewatobay said...

a good eye and powerful prose