Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UNWelcome Guests

Actually, the spider is welcome at Garage Mahal, but the SPAM showing up in our mailbox is definitely not welcome. Please know that some of the creepy and inappropriate links and comments that have found their way to Chickenblog are not in any way solicited or invited by me or my associates family. I suppose a consequence of being "Noted" by Blogger, is also being noted by yucky individuals with poo-poo head ideas about how to make a dime. I am trying to figure out how to delete the riff-raff and I may have to resort to more comment filters, which is a nuisance, but obviously a necessity. I apologize if you have come across anything creepy here.


  1. I am sorry that has happened to you. I hope it doesn't discourage you. We regulars love your blog so much.

  2. It really makes you realize how many uncouth people there are in the world. I feel bad that you have to go through this - you are too nice a person!


  3. I get so much junk on my blog...luckily there is a free spam catcher that is very nearly's craziness though!

  4. Probably need to do the word verification thing. At least it makes me slightly grateful for only having 0-3 readers a day, no one wants to spam me!

  5. I had it happen to me too! Just approve your comments from now on! :) The crazys will eventually go away and then you can change it back. xo LOVED your travel blog. What an adventure Natalie, Natalie. hehe


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