Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I told my mom... "I am not going to chronicle every detail of the escrow." Specifically I was thinking of the hard days when obstacles appear and doubts surface. I shared with her my resolve to keep the saga in check, so that I would not be weaving a litany of frustrations and fears. Some days it's easier than others...

Have you ever been through an escrow (settlement?) It's an emotional, lengthy and perilous journey through the lands of Negotiate-Well, Checkthefacts, Signhereherehereandhere, and it helps to keep a level head, to stick to the budget and follow your map. Somedays we feel like squealing gleefully and some days we just hold our breath. I know the process well enough to not lose hope over every red flag or detour. I know the process well enough to realize that we cannot always get where we want. And I think we are akamai enough to walk away. I want the bad and the ugly of this journey to be sights along the way... not the baggage I carry with me.

Akamai keeps coming to me as I remind myself to remain calm, as I draw on faith and patience. Akamai is my husband. He is so very smart and careful, and while being prudent and thorough can be grueling and even disappointing, I would not want to travel any other way. Yes, we have emotions and we can be daring too, but this section of the journey calls for pure logic and wisdom.

Aloha au ia oe Pilipo.


  1. I know that home-buying laws/processes very a lot from state-to-state. I *think* we'd call it hammering out the "P & S" -- the purchase and sale agreement; escrow would mean something else entirely here. I do hope things keep moving along forward, for as many sideways/backwards bumps as there may be.

  2. Hoping for good news at the end of this harrowing process! Yes, we went through escrow once, 23 years was quite a ride.

  3. Yup. Been through escrow twice - one of the times was "long distance" - like about 1800 miles!! I did have someone on the house end to receive the keys, but the rest was done FedEx overnight ...

    Fingers crossed and prayers said for this to be happily over soon.


  4. ugh. been there. done that. don't want to do it again any time soon. sending positive thoughts your way my love. :)

  5. Crossing fingers for my favorite well-traveled chicken blog family.

  6. Quietly thinking good thoughts for you. Best possible outcome be yours!


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