Monday, August 03, 2009

The Marvelous Birthday Boy

HaPpY BiRThdaY MaX!

This child is a joy. And today he is eleven years old, so we are going out in the world to drum up a bit of fun. He was planning a movie-at-home party, but he's put a hold on those plans... Instead of having three friends over for ice cream and hot dogs, buttery popcorn, to watch "Road to Morocco," he insists he can wait until we are in the new house! He's taking a huge leap of faith and willing (eager even) to delay his celebration more than a month, so he can enjoy a party in our own place.

(It was not my idea. I did not hint or suggest. It never occurred to me. But I gotta admit it's something of a relief. Domestically we are in that awkward stage where we are almost certain we are on the brink of a life altering move, but we are holding back on a full scale commitment... our brains are scattered and the rest of nervous systems are equally overloaded. It's just a phase.)

He loves Ramen noodles and even numbers. He loves LEGO and frogs and reading. He loves his brothers and his sister. He calculated the exchange rates for my Euros to dollars, and he always knew which stop we needed to get off for the Metro. He respectfully endures my humor and silliness and he's learned how to get pretty silly himself. He is dutiful, organized, mindful, brave and polite. I admire his resilience and his strength in perseverance, his patience and his kind tenderness. He gives sincere, full hugs that fill me with deep gratitude and determination.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Catalunya. 8 de julio 2009.
I feel profound joy.

8:16 AM
Update: Poor Max! He's sick. What a bummer. I'm on hold for the pediatrician. Max crawled back to bed.


nikkipolani said...

Ah, a young man of strong faith and optimism. Hope he is well soon.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog for quite a while now, and it's time to come forward and let you know how much I enjoy it.

Happy Birthday to Max, and I can't wait to hear about the next episodes of your life.

Good luck with the house!
Sylvia from Queens, NY

judy in ky said...

Happy Birthday, Max! I hope you feel better soon.

Missy said...

oh, poor huggable Max. Sending well Birthday wishes!

mtnchild said...

Sure hope Max is better soon. I always felt so helpless, doctor or no, when my daughter was sick. Even if there was nothing to do, I felt that I should do something, much to my daughters dismay! LOL

Happy Birthday Max - good thing you postponed your party ...


Laura Jane said...

Hope MAx's birthday is restful, and that the delayed party gratification is SUPER!!!

Happy technical birthday though. Especially when you're unwell. What a blob.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Max! I hope he soon feels well enough to enjoy some birthday cake soon.

He sounds like a thoughtful and delightful boy. Boys who give their moms all-encompassing hugs are indeed special.

warren said...

The last pic is almost looks like they are getting along! Happy birthday Max!

Jennifer said...

Is he all better? We hope so. And very cool on extending the celebrations to the new place!