Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Trip... Big Fun

On Friday the children and I made a spontaneous trip north to be with Grandma Eunice for her birthday. It's hard to believe it's been seven years since we had the big celebration with family friends. Now I am inspired to start planning her 88th birthday extravaganza!

Whether it's a big blow-out fiesta or a family dinner, Grandma is a fun person to honor and celebrate with. She gets almost as giddy as a four year old. She's so appreciative and happy. She told me about all the fun she had in Oregon and how she came home with lots of "stuff," so I chose a pretty fabric box for her to tuck in her treasures. Of course Maria thought this was wonderful, since she too has a small box where she stashes her treasures.

My aunt Becky's home has the loveliest porch. It was another hot day in Pasadena, but the morning on the porch was comfortable. I always enjoy the view, the tree lined streets, the gardens and comfortable homes. Grandma got a chance to catch up with the boys and discover new books. She shared some of her favorites with them and they are going to be sending some of theirs to her.

My grandparents lived with us for eight years. Eight wonderful years. Max was born during that time. I remember how great it was that the boys could pop over to Grandma's and chat with her. I remember doing the same... just enjoying time in each other's company. We were so lucky to have those days.

Maria ran around and around and around the ginko tree. And when she spotted dandelions and other fallen treasures, she began collecting flora for little nosegays... pretty leaves and blossoms, that she delivered to me and Becky and Grandma.

She's waiting for me to count: 1-2-3 on your mark... get set... go! She loves to run.

Grandma was enjoying a laugh over her "wild ways." It seems she has a certain attraction to purses. It seems it has become a bit... much? Never mind, Grandma. It looks harmless enough. You're the best looking *bag lady* I've ever seen!

And what good is a nice purse without a hat to go with it?

Maria, Alex, Max and William enjoying the company of their great-grandmother.
This one needs to get printed and framed.


happy zombie said...

Oh Natalie, what a beautiful post! As are you. And cracking up over the bags... my grandmother had those too, especially tote bags (the kind laundry came in in the 70's). Ah sweet memories you evoke, Natalie.

I wish we all could live close by to our family - reading your post has me dreaming even more of having a family village.

PS... you made me blush over the comment for me. I <3 U!

nikkipolani said...

Thanks for letting us join in your visit with your Grandmother -- and you're absolutely right about that last shot - wonderful!

judy in ky said...

Very lucky children, to have close ties to extended family members. And lucky extended family members, too. Treasured times together.

Dallas said...

That last photo is definately frame-worthy. She seems like a very special lady.

Susan said...

Grandma Eunice is so beautiful! And a very snappy dresser, too! And a lady can never have too many handbags.

What a lovely visit you had...very special.

mtnchild said...

It looks like every one had a really wonderful visit. Love the "bag lady" picture.

Hugs to your whole family.

bambi said...

I like these photos.
It seems that there is a beautiful story in these photos, and you have wonderful time.

bambi said...

I feel that there are beutiful storis in these photos, and you had a good time.

bambi said...

I think you must love Granma so much !
Pleasurable family !

Laura Jane said...

Yep, definitely a framer, that last shot.

And the bag lady shot is wonderful! It really captures her purse-onality!

(Just wondering....I don't recall evr seeing William smile in a photo - is he especially serious or is that just his 'camera face'?)

gardenmama said...

what a sweet and beautiful tribute to your grandmother, how lucky you are to have someone so special in your life! : )

Tracy said...

What a beautiful time, and your grandmother is such a lovely lady, Natalie... that last family shot really tugs at the heartstrings... Thanks for inviting us along. :o) ((HUGS))

Missy said...

Just beautiful, Natalie! What a blessing for you and your children.

warren said...

The bag lady (your words, not mine!) looks like a great lady and a ton of fun! I am sure you all had a great time!