Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miss Swiss

This is where I would like to be. It is the place I imagine I could lose the tension in my shoulders and the furrow in my brow. It is where my sense of awe and wonder were awakened. When we left I knew that I would return, if only through these pictures, because I love to wake up my sense of awe and wonder. I knew these images would trigger a healthy heart rate, relaxed breathing, and calm my mind.

All I have to do is focus on the memories.

Remember the details.

The tensions of today, the things I did and did not do, the worries about what is wrong, what can go wrong, what went wrong... I need to put all of it aside and remember Switzerland.

I miss all things Swiss... all the things we saw and did.

Even the things we did not do... I could ride from lake to lake.

I would happily take the drive again, from Triberg to Brienz. Through those tunnels, and round and round the mountains.

I need a Swiss nap.

I would like to walk in a garden, pick peas, pull weeds...

Shhhh... I think I might actually be meditating.

Peace of mind.
And farm animals... I am feeling better already.

I can almost hear the lake lapping against the stone wall.
Excuse me while I put my feet up and enjoy this moment, again.


Janece said...

Natalie - just for the record, I adore you!

Laura Jane said...

AH, I'm right with you......

Its quite a miraculous thing to be looking back on, eh?

I meant to ask you...what were your feelings on the volume of the cowbells? I was quite disturbed to hear how loud they were, and wondered if the poor individuals suffered from it. Imagine, never having a moment of peace again without those blasted bells clanging in your ears and driving you mad!

Robin said...

Gorgeous photos! They made me want to be there too!

Dallas said...

Switzerland looks beautiful! I really hope to visit there sometime. It looks as relaxing and peaceful as Austria.

Jessie said...

Those photos are beautiful. I loved Switzerland when I wnet there. It is so peaceful and the people so friendly.

mtnchild said...

Zzzzz . z . z ... what a relaxing trip ... next time you go, can I go with you? ... zzz


tara said...

Maybe someday I wll travel. But in the meantime I will enjoy your lovely adventure retrospectives.

WordBluseUnlimited said...

Hussssssha! The serenity is whispering in my ears. The Swiss route enhances the purpose of this journey. Switzerland is enriched with natural beauty, I would like to explore someday. Thanks for this conspicuous display.

Tracy said...

GLORIOUS! I can very easily imagine living in such splendor too...*sigh*... Hope to see Switzerland one day...ah, yes! Such fun to have an extra look from your European adventures, Natalie....Happy weekend to you all :o) ((HUGS))

judy in ky said...

The village looks a little "Stepford-ish" to me... too perfect to be lived in. But the surrounding scenery is stunning! I can almost smell the fresh air.

Rebekah said...

It's a beautiful place, I'm glad you could spend time there with your brood & hubby.


fiziskandarz said...

hi! this is my 1st time here :) u have a great photos + very interesting descriptions on each entry too! keep it up ;)

warren said...

Oh! It looks wonderful!

happy zombie said...

I think not.