Saturday, February 27, 2010


The tsunami warnings might be enough cause to stay out of the water. And mostly the beach was empty, except for some desperate tourists, determined to make the most of their vacation, and these guys...

This sport depends on big waves and wind action, so before, during, and after storms is when they are most likely to be seen in the surf.

The tsunami warning certainly made me extra cautious, but what really kept me out of the water is urban runoff.


Some spots are worse than others, but as a general rule, I avoid most So Cal beaches before and immediately after storms, when the worst of the polluting offenses are at their most concentrated.

Maria and I watched from the comfort and safety of Geoff's car. There were four guys riding waves, flying around. There were also three people jumping waves, romping in the surf. In swimsuits. Think they're form out of town? Uh-huh.

I guess sixty degree water temperature is warm by comparison (hey, it's only thirty five degrees Fahrenheit at Woods Hole, MA), but with the fifty nine degree air temperature, and the chilling wind, I cannot say I was tempted.

Storm surge and rip tides make it rough. Tsunami currents make it even more unpredictable.

Fortunately, the worst of the threat to Hawaii seems to have passed uneventfully. It was interesting watching the live webcams of Hilo Bay, the reef appearing to rise above the water, the changing color.

I am just relieved that the CNN reporter couldn't squeeze any more drama or trauma out of the evacuated vacationer she had on the phone.
Good for you Wisconsin Man on vacay. No worries bra.
He was totally low-key and matter-of-fact.
Warnings worked.
People went mauka.
No madness or hysteria. But poor Miss CNN kept asking about "emotions" and "fears" and "biggest worries."
Wisconsin man said he was in to his third cocktail.

Surfing I have tried. Being pulled by a giant parachute while on a board? Not so much.

The sun broke through as I was taking these pictures. That was about two hours ago. Now it is raining again.

I was already out in the South Side to warn Betty about the high surf.
She can't swim.
No, we are not that close to the beach, but there are a lot of deep puddles and the gutters were still flowing after the first rain. She needs Wellies.

Seeing the ripple effects of Chile's earthquake brings their disaster much closer. It's a small planet. I feel their pain, and hope that we can respond to their needs, give them comfort. And I am reminded that we need to revisit our personal plans for earthquake safety, and post quake calm.


nikkipolani said...

Your photos make it look like a warm breezy summer day with colorful commas in the sky. Glad, too, that the tsunami warnings have passed uneventfully.

judy in ky said...

Your pictures of the sky and the water are such a nice change for me. I look out my window and see snow. I was watching the news from Hawaii, and I was very envious of Wisconsin man. I wanted to be there having another cocktail with him.

m.guisto said...

When I saw the link for wellies I was super excited thinking there were actually little boots for chickens.

helen said... more cocktail is the answer to any problem here in Wisconsin. And I must say it is a sad day when the CNN weatherman has to to be the voice of reason when the host was working the hysteria angle. Heck if it hadn't been for that weatherman I would have been listening for the tsunami sirens here in Wisconsin.

Susan said...

Beautiful pictures, Natalie!

It must have been a slow news day at all the news channels. I love it when they try to make it emotional. It's so pathetic.

I do feel for the Chilean people and I hope the loss of life stays at a low number.

Star said...

There are some lovely colours in your photographs. Beautiful pictures of such a daring sport. Your little girl looks so cute turning her head sideways to look at you.
Blessings, Star

Sabine said...

Nice pictures!
And thanks for your sweet comment on my sampler.
We had a big storm over Europe today, but nothing compared to the disaster in Chili.

Theresa said...

You told the story well.

Tracy said...

These photos are so wonderful, Natalie... almost magical... The Chilean tragedy is much in my thoughts and prayers today... ((HUGS))