Thursday, February 25, 2010

Like Being Drunk, But Less Social
I really need sleep. The uninterrupted kind I have heard talk of. Not eight collective hours. I need eight consecutive hours of restful, cough-free REM.

Otherwise I am inclined to write unedited posts like this.

Sleep, I have read, is necessary for our mental health. Without good mental health, things begin to slip. When things slip it is possible that someone will completely forget:

1. Back to School Night (an evening for good mothers to demonstrate their love and dedication to higher learning for their progeny.)

2. To return books, papers, forms, sign-this materials.

3. To make motel or camping reservations for our robotic weekend in Lost Wages, Nevada

4. Floss teeth and pluck eyebrows... it seems my sinuses are not the only things congested around here.

5. Choose a school. Hope the school chooses us. Then enroll someone in a kindergarten.

When things slip it is possible that someone will be attracted to reckless ventures and irresponsible impulses:

1. Buy an egg incubator and hatch chicks.
2. Buy chicks.
3. Adopt a kitten and a hedgehog.
4. Drive to Oregon.
5. Get something dyed or lifted, tucked, sucked, or removed.
6. Give up.
7. Say what I really think.


judy in ky said...

I vote for saying what you really think!

Simone said...

Though one ... I'd say choose all option but nr. 5 and 6!!

mtnchild said...

You are a bit all over the place!! LOL What is Miss Betty doing on your couch?? You definitely need some uninterrupted sleep!!


tara said...

I once drove halfway down my street and then realized a chicken was sitting on the back seat.
Once I was weeding my front flower bed, looked in the window to my livingroom and saw a chicken looking back at me, from inside.
Pesky things.
Good luck with the sleep thing I have heard about.

Chicken coop said... funny. If you buy some chicks you will inevitably get less sleep. Nice bird on the sofa!

Susan said...

There's a reason why torturers use sleep's very effective!

Doesn't Lady Betty ever go broody on you? That would be the best way to raise chicks. She could do all the work for you. One of my Buffs went broody last summer and it lasted for weeks. I thought she would keel over from lack of food and sunshine. She made it though. If she does it again, I'm getting some hatching eggs.