Friday, March 12, 2010

Faith, Family and FIRST

So, I am still on the Robotic high. I still get choked-up and emotional when reflecting on the magnitude of the awesomeness of all that has come to pass for this Team, but I think it is safe to say I am mellowing. A bit. I still blare I Gotta a Feeling at seven a.m. But the compulsion to raise my arms and shake pom-poms* has eased off. Either I am exhausted, or I have taken a calmer, more philosophical path.

*Personal side note: Pom-poms raised over head are an excellent distraction from my ahem "dancing."

Yeah. I got bit by the 2102 Team Spirit Bug, and it's swelling.

I don't know what blog traffic is doing here at Chickenblog. I do not monitor the statistics. I do know that comments took a nose dive. Oh my poor ego. So, I got a bit down about that, but then I see a link in Nikkipolani's blog, and I am blown back on course, bolstered, because someone gets it. And I read the emails and comments that have come in, and I open Beckie's sweet card... and I get psyched up again. You guys, and you know who you are, are good people. Good people say "hi." It's that simple. I know I am a bit crazed. My good friend Mark said... (hold on let me find it... ah, here it is:) "Jeeze, someone let a crazied hen loose on this issue. It's fun to see the fighting side of Natalie." I laugh out loud... he is right, though. I am like a hen on a junebug, fightin' for what I want. Feels good. So, I'll try not to let my tender ego get in the way of my hopes and goals. I'll keep trying to learn the Cha-Cha slide.

So, what are these pictures about, and what's this about "Faith, Family and FIRST?"

Well, these are a few images that exemplify a feeling... a feeling that we who support 2102 Team Paradox, who know FIRST, are privileged to enjoy. I have faith that we have made the right choices, for the Team, for our family. I have found that my family extends beyond the walls of our home. I love that because of 2102 Team Paradox and FIRST, my world has broadened.

I love that what began in kindergarten, and at home with Lego, grew. Robotics... it's been an interest and theme, a home school subject, a family pastime, for quite some time. And we have found a challenging, interesting, and active place to explore robotics... to be supported and supportive.

I love that we get to do this together... that we have time, or make time, or whatever... I love that. It does get hard. We do get tired and discouraged, but we can hold each other up, and catch our breaths.

I love that new people are inspired to participate, that they quickly realize how inspiring the Team is. I love that 2102 Team Paradox celebrates real skills, and homegrown spirit.

I love that 2102 Team Paradox and FIRST makes sisters in art and science, math and engineering.

I love that Maria wants to build a "Finding Robot," and that she wants cousin Izzy on the team too.

I love that someone will come forward to feed the team. Moms and dads that want what's best for students, and for their teachers and mentors, who give beyond the call of duty.

I love that a metal shop parking lot is a fine place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon... if you're building a robot, troubleshooting the design, grilling burgers...

I love that I get to live here, near my friends, in a beautiful community. The connections I have made here are more precious than I had dared to admit.

I love that FIRST and 2102 Team Paradox, are so good and worthwhile that even graduates will fly in for regionals, to mentor and cheer. I love that a dedicated team mom shows her faith by sticking with FIRST and the team she helped foster.

And now, laundry. Don't ever worry about me getting fancy... laundry, and other domestic perils, will always keep me humble.


nikkipolani said...

Ah, my dear, we are just grinning as we watch your excitement show in these photos. Working together so well is a great feeling and worthy of celebration. Love those happy smiles on every face.

mtnchild said...

When you believe in something, you really go all out.

Nothing better than a great team spirit for those up and coming engineers!! A lesson for the rest of the world - work together!!

Hugs to you ALL

Theresa said...

You crack me up!

tara said...

It is great to read about someone so pumped up and enthusiastic.
I also am loving that kids are involved with something they can get pumped up about. Hope my girls find that something.

Susan said...

It must be great to belong to something so inspiring that the whole family can be a part of. Looks like you all had a wonderful experience and a great time! Loved the bits about Maria!

Danielle Riebel said...

I LOVE reading your blog!! You have the sort of family I hope to make one day.

SewAmy said...

Hi there, someone gave me your bloging link. I too have caught the robotics bug. My daughter's team Blue Cheese 1086 from Glen Allen, Va just finished their regional competition last night. We won. So we'll be going to Ga. :o) I will look for your team!!