Thursday, March 11, 2010

Robotics, 2102 Team Paradox

This is an index for all things robotic, from the archives of Chickenblog.

Home School Science Fair: Alex's Tank-Bot: May 30, 2008. Alex challenged himself to make a robot from found objects and thrift shop salvaging. Then presented the results in a science fair.

The Best Made Plans: January 3, 2009. Alex attends his first FRC kick-off. Lunacy.

The Team To Cheer For: February 15, 2009. Introducing FIRST and 2102 Team Paradox to Chickenblog.

I Don't Have Time For This: March 5, 2009. Alex gets in to SDA. Life and details at the end of his first build season.

Brains and Spirit: March 7, 2009. Reporting from San Diego FRC, after 2102 takes The Team Spirit Award.

Oh. My. Goodness.: March 22, 2009. Phoenix FRC and a second Team Spirit Award.

Navigation, Forward Momentum and Balance: March 25, 2009. Life and details after Phoenix, and Alex's ride on a Segway, courtesy of Steve Sanghi, president, chairman and CEO of Microchip Technology Inc.

The Many Facets of Geekdom: January 10, 2010. Launch of build season for Breakaway. And getting Chickenblog organized for Geeks and Robotics.

After Breakfast, Before Robotics: February 12, 2010. Alex takes a quick break from robotics to attend the Sky Consortium Ball.

Look At Me Still Talking When There's Science To Do: February 16, 2010. Deep in build season, and enjoying the ride. Karen, Natalie and Tom grill lunch for the team. Life and details from the Bird House.

Me, Like A Chickadee: February 20, 2010. A good look at Geoff's programming and drive stations. He built them as programming mentor, so he could work more hours, more productively. Go Robotics!

It's In The Crate: February 23, 2010. Last night and morning of build season, before robot is crated and sent to San Diego Sports Arena.

BREAKAWAY! March 5, 2010. The eve before competition in San Diego.

Mini Parrot-Ox: March 6, 2010. From the first day of San Diego FRC, documenting Maria's team building skills.

More Than Spirit!!!!! March 6, 2010. Slowly realizing all of the merits of 2102 Team Paradox winning the Award for Engineering Inspiration.

This Is Big: March 7, 2010. Chickenblog celebrates 2102 Team Paradox and the invitation to compete in Atlanta.

This Is Getting Bigger: March 8, 2010. More about the Team, and FIRST, as Chickenblog rallies support for going to Nationals in Atlanta.

Paradox Colors: March 10, 2010. Describing FIRST Robotics, FRC and the personal journey 2120 Team Paradox takes to get to a regional competition. Maria and team mascots, a spirited relationship.

Faith, Family, and FIRST: March 12, 2010. What I love about 2102 Team Paradox and FIRST.

The Honor Roll :: Gratitude to 2102 Team Paradox Supporters, Through Chickenblog

You didn't have to do it, but you came forward anyway. Thank you.
For comments here, and on FB, for emails, and phone calls, and special deliveries... Toby, I know you're a good boy. For support and encouragement, good ideas, sponsorship, and donations. You guys are the best.

I will forever more think of you as one of The Team, honorary Paradoxen.

With beautiful answers, Laura Jane, Loving The Question

The quick responder, Amy Smith, Clearing The Air

The always encouraging, Lesley Z, Chapter III

A king of doing-it-himself, Warren, My Home Among The Hills
If they print any more T-shirts, I am scoring one for you.

Creative and skilled, Tami L, Lemon Tree Tales

Inspiring travel consultant, and Speculoos contact, Dallas, For The Journey

Never without a kind word, Andylynne

Supportive reader, Mary, Mary's Blog

Dear friend, Judy, Every Day Is A Gift

Fellow Chicken Lady, Em, Em and the Gang

My Northwoods Soul Sister, Janece, No Ordinary Moment

She makes you feel her hugs, like she is right beside you, Tracy, Pink Purl

The J Team behind the cameras, Cristina and Spencer

My Downtown Soul Sister and cousin, Priscilla M. Teachers get an A+

Friends like family, Mark S. and Jola P.

From the best little school in the west, Carol A and her beautiful family... filling up the arena with Team Spirit! Another A+ for teachers

Team pioneers and all around amazing people, Karen S, and Denise B

Best friend and wise counselor, Anna Banana.

The world's best barber, and friend, Daniel.

My big hearted and fun-loving cousin, Beckie DLR. besos

Always insightful, dear aunt Carol.

Hilarious and friendly, calls himself an "enigma," Paul N

A dynamic duo, Alison and Bill G. Come to Vegas, baby!

Thank you Holly, Ruth, Izzy... they came, they saw, and they can stand and deliver. You guys got Spirit!

She accentuates the positive every single day, Nikkipolani
I jumped out of my seat when I read her Friday Favorites post. Thank you!!!

To mom and dad, Team Players through and through, thank you, and welcome home. I hope a beautiful and comforting spring is just around the corner for you two.


judy in ky said...

I am very honored to be part of your team. Your posts are inspiring.

Laura Jane said...

Me too, shucks...

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

How lovely to be an honorary member of Team Paradox! It's been so nice to watch this team take off from the beginning of your journey with them. What a fantastic group.