Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She Has Not Learned A Thing

Yes. It's time for another edition of What Not To Wear I Wore It

Why? Because I do not seem to be getting the message about personal appearance, pride, dignity, pretty & casual vs. pretty casual.

To be fair, and to assure my mom that I do try: I am not a morning person to begin with, and the government's insistence that playing with our clocks twice a year "is necessary," really messes with my already hampered routine.

Speaking of hampered, despite appearances, none of these clothes was pulled from a hamper. I did sleep in the red, floral pajama bottoms and a tank. The flip-flops I added, after I got up. Even the kitty shoes could not have helped this ensemble. Thank goodness I have some sense of modesty, propriety... I grabbed Geoff's, clean, shirt from the dryer on my way out the door. I think it helped. Or did it?

Nothing was brushed. Not my hair. Not this image. Not my teeth.

Alex and Max are grateful to be getting a ride to school. Okay, Max does cringe sometimes, and I know I can make him really nervous if I ask about coming out of the car to meet his friends. Betty does not care what I look like when I come to feed her.

But this is a pointless survey. Asking two boys and a chicken whether I am "presentable" is hardly worthy evidence in a trial of my grooming habits and personal appearance.

What I really should be taking in to account is that I know people in this town, more every day. And I am very likely to cross paths with these people. And even though our clothes and pedicures are a superficial layer, their effect and impression can be anything but superficial. Like it or not, (and I am lecturing myself here, so feel free to leave. Go see if Ree has a new donut recipe or something. Don't tell me though. About the donuts. I don't need to know.)

... where was I? Oh, yes...

Like it, or not, Natalie, you have got to... to...

Hold on.
I am trying to put this the right way.

Natalie. Shape up. Long walks. Small meals. Buy an alarm clock. Use it.
Please see an optometrist... for goodness sake... thread-repaired glasses from 1994 are wrong. Leave your husband's shirts in his side of the closet.
And one more thing, and please don't take this the wrong way,
but maybe you don't need to share *everything* in Chickenblog.
Just saying.
Love, Your Inner Voice


Anna Banana said...

And somehow you manage to look bonita

Natalie said...

Ms Banana, people will assume I paid you.
But thank you any way.

Tiglizzyclone said...

The floral is a pretty color!!

I never match.... hardly ever!!

Theresa said...

This is hilarious. Remember the days when we had so much time to focus on our appearance???

Tracy said...

Oh, Natalie... bless your sweet heart! You work the mis-matched look so well! I must say I do love the floral pant bottoms. But you might consider leaving Geoff's shirt to Geoff.... ;o) Mostly just keep that inner light shining, sweetie! Oh, must thank you for the lovely anniversary wishes for hubby & I--so sweet of you! ((HUGS))

mtnchild said...

You could be on a fashion runway compared to what I look like in the mornings ... and no, you don't get a picture!

Your floral pants look nice, and so does Geoff's shirt, but it should be on HIM.

Your fashionable shoes seem to go with just about everything.

Have a wonderful sunshiny day!

Sara said...

Oh dear...I liked the red coat much better than Geoff's shirt. It would look good with those red flowers PJ bottoms (beautiful color). But I guess it's too hot for a coat these days. I'm saying all this with a friendly smile and good wishes...

tara said...

Shall we start a blog wide "yes, I wore it" posting day? Im in.

ArtyZen said...

Natalie - I love you. Anniexxx