Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring, It Sprung!

Happy Spring!

Did it surprise you?
It surprised me.
I saw it coming, but then I kind of missed the spring-eve anticipation, and then this morning WhAm! It's Spring.

You'd think, with no less than three calendars hanging in just one corner of the Bird House, I would be up on these things. Our calendars mostly say : Robotics. Go to... robotics. Meet for... robotics. Take dinner to... robotics. Make reservations for... robotics.

So, signs of spring must be elsewhere... let's see...

Hmmm... we cannot get enough.
I took almost every post I ever wrote about robotics and put them all in one post, so that it is like a massive Robotics index for Chickenblog. It was pretty much a nightmare trying to make the code work, because I am pretty much an amateur when it comes to code. But I keep trying.

And Maria... she's learning code. Look at all the words she is writing. Her writing skills are springing! I love our message board.

But, spring is outdoors. Right? Nature. So, outside I went, in search of the new season.

Ah, the morning light, the glistening dew. Here is spring. In the flowers. In the air.

And I saw the calla lilies, and Chango reposing in the garden bed. I thought how idyllic and good nature is, how lovely the forms and lines, the rhythm of the new day. And I was totally getting poetic and reveling in the nature high, and this seemed like a good time to photograph Chango. He was there, still and content... what a perfect opportunity to capture the essence of spring.

Nature is brutal.
I mean, come on... poetry, and dew drops on lilies... it's real nice, but nature has all kinds of plans and devices.
I'm just saying...

Chango, what are you... ?
Don't eat nature Chango, not spring. Not the very emblem of cute, fluffy-tailed baby spring.

Go back inside everyone.
Come on.
Spring is inside.
Let's go.

Blinded by grief, I point my camera in all directions, looking for something lovely to erase the graphic nature of events I have witnessed. Pictures of my ranchero boys. Happy memories of springs past, elotes, beseros, y sombreros. My thrift shop find, a sleek red handbag... perfect for no occasion I am likely to enjoy, but I like the possibility.

Then, salvation. Bill is sending me real life nature pictures. Action shots from Soquel-Cal, where the dear and the antelope play. The dear are my nephew and niece, Dominic and Marissa.

Ah, Nature. Here is Nature. At the lumberyard and garden center.

Thank goodness.

Bill says these reindeer are pretty wild, like buckin' reindeer. Seriously. You have to hang on for eight seconds. Don't get bucked off.

I'm telling you, Nature is brutal.
And spring, spring will spring on you.
You gotta be ready.
Just sayin'.

You're probably thinking I am trying to "look busy," just because Geoff says "Before we go to robotics, we should clean."

Spring Cleaning.


judy in ky said...

Oooh, Trader Joe's... I wish we had it here. There are many things I wish we had here. But at least we are going to have Spring (I think).

Rebecca Ramsey said...

You just never know what surprises Spring brings!
Love this post...from your spring eating kitty to the cool message board to your sweet little deer riders.
Happy Spring to you!

Jennifer said...

We never manage the spring cleaning that we should do -- once it gets nice, Ken only ever wants to do yard work (not that it doesn't need it). The car was probably my only triumph of the season (yes, I can predict that even on day 3).

It's not Chango's fault, it's just the way of the wild....

Go Robotics!!

Mary Smith said...

Your post made me laugh. You have some lovely flowers your way!!

Tracy said...

No Trader Joe here either... oh, I miss those stores! We don't even have spring yet either... LOL! Spring can be full of surprises though... and love all the surprises here... sooo sweet... Happy Days to you all :o)...and thank you for your good wishes for our Charlie ((HUGS))

d.a. said...

Trader Joe's... none here, either! Miss their inexpensive-yet-good wines. And oh, it breaks my heart too to see a cat munching on a baby critter *sigh*. But enjoy the Spring breezes, beautiful new greenery, and life springing up all over!

Danielle Riebel said...

I love love love your flowers ! !