Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chicken Days and Movie Nights

Movie Under the Stars moved inside.

Mosquitoes won that round.

Mosquitoes were the only thing wrong with our movie night. All the rest was quite wonderful. We watched "Julie and Julia" But first we ate, and talked, and shared, and ate some more. I was determined to have a good meal before, during, or after watching this movie, because watching Julia and Julie cook and eat never fails to make me hungry for delicious food.

I made a pot roast, and red potatoes seasoned with herbs de Provence, and I fixed the Dutch salad again. Max lit candles, and I brought out the beautiful Provence napkins my mom gave me from her barge on the Rhône visit to Avignon. Good food is a blessing, but if I want to enjoy really good-delicious food, I find that it is always improved when taken with friends. This was achieved by inviting over Anne and Adam for dinner.

We were just opening Anne's copy of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", when we were joined by Patricia, then Michael, and they brought fresh peaches that had been simmered in their own juices... what a perfect dessert! More guests arrived and we talked about cooking, recipes, inspiration, sharing. I think our next movie night definitely must be a potluck! I am surrounded by good and generous cooks. I was hearing many inspiring ideas. "Inspiration" is my favorite part of any cookbook, so I think real live cooks sharing their art and skills together is best of all.

The highlights of this summer, so far, seem to revolve around movie nights, and these chicas of ours. We love our chicas. They are still slipping out of the side yard. I think I have deterred them from the garden beds, but they love to squeeze under the gate to forage under the mock orange.

None of us can tell Zelda and Trudy apart anymore. We tend to call both of them Zelda, or the princesses. Zoe is definitely not a hen. He is now being referred to as Zoeltar. Temple and Tesla, the hat wearing Polish sisters, are as goofy looking as ever. Puff. Puff is as puffy as ever. In all her pictures, she looks like a small ball of gray feathers.

Betty, deep in the woods, the Silkie Princesses, Zoeltar the crowing usurper is in the center, and that gray mass on the right is Puff, the smallest chica.

There is definitely no telling Zelda and Trudy apart. Equally cute. Equally funny. Equally sweet.

Temple and Tesla are very easy to distinguish from each other. Explaining why makes me feel like a very soft hearted farmer. Tesla is messed up. Her left shoulder is Quasimodo, and her neck has more turns than a goose neck lamp. Her feathered head has a bald spot... feathers are finally filling in. Maybe she should be culled, or cured, or cooked, but she is a happy chica, and keeps up just fine, so I love her... I love her freaky-feathered fowlness, and I let her be. No harm, no fowl. <-----that was a pun!
Around Zelda-Trudy's head she has blue skin... it's like blue bellied lizards, and very pretty.

Betty is trying to make sense of Tesla. If it's true, birds of a feather flock together, then Betty must wonder what in the world Tesla is!?

What Miriam says about the Chicken Channel is true... I can watch it for hours!


judy in ky said...

Your chicas are adorable. I can see why you love them.

hoj said...

Not sure if these work but thought it was a great idea.

Miriam said...

How did you get one or two each of so many different breeds? The variety is spectacular!

I love the picture you paint of communal dinners and movie nights - I wish I lived in your neighbourhood, and if I did I would bring ginger cookies, which would taste wonderful with the peaches.

Anna Banana said...

Natalie, the photo with the books is beautiful. The single cherry in the center is inspired! You must submit it in a photo contest somewhere.

Susan said...

Gorgeous post! I think I need some silkies and Polish chicas!

dewatobay said...

Natalie, you have a charmed life - still waiting for your book.