Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coming and Going

Sometimes there is so little going on I have to make things up and construct fantastic lies just so I have something to blog about. It's true. It's onerous and burdensome too, so you would think when life gets genuinely busy, and really interesting, I would be taking advantage of the plethora, and blogging frequently. Blogging eloquently and descriptively with all of this fresh and factual material at my disposal.

A lot has been happening. People coming and going, fun gatherings. Even the sun made a long overdue appearance. Our days and nights have been full.

For example: We had a visit from our dear friend, Tamsyn.

At the risk of sounding like one of those highly emotional and sentimental people, I actually combed the archives for "Tamsyn" pictures and posts.

And now? Well, now I am very emotional and highly sentimental. We've known Tamsyn a long time. We were neighbors at the TreeHouse, and we did things together like our families camping together, and hanging out. Even though we saw her in January, two years ago, I still have not quite recovered from them moving away.

Sweet, good looking, smart kids.
But check out that salad!
Alex and Tamsyn were headed to a Sky Consortium party at Isaac's and they needed a dish to share. I am getting kinda lazy these days, and I thought "chips and salsa, or cold cuts." (These admissions are getting embarrassing.)

Fortunately, I kept my ideas to myself, and Alex and Tamsyn took a more interesting and tasty route. Inspired by the match-up in the final game of the World Cup, and feeling sympathetic toward the losing team, they decided to look for a Dutch recipe.

I can't find it! I will get a recipe link in here, because the salad turned out wonderfully delicious.

They were in the kitchen crumbling goat cheese, and cooking nectarines on the griddle, mixing a lemon and walnut oil dressing... and the whole time I was just listening to them and feeling like it was a typical day in the TreeHouse, when they all played and cooked, camped, read, explored, and laughed together... and it was as though no time at all had passed.

Weren't we blessed? All those great times the children shared, we shared. I miss them... those opportunities and experiences were wonderful.

I cannot say more. I am overcome with emotion and sentimentality.

As though to emphasize how quickly time passes, Tamsyn's visit was very short. And much to our dismay not only did she leave, but Alex did too! Tamsyn is completing her California visit with other friends, and Alex is in Oregon on an adventure of his own.

And Maria? Maria is one heartbroken little girl.

It was hard enough that her big sister Tamsyn was coming and going so quickly, but seeing Alex packed, and leaving without her was downright devastating.

Geoff and I loved hearing their voices... Alex, Max, Tamsyn, William, and Maria... all of them laughing and talking, playing together. The house is quieter tonight, except when Maria is crying, or insisting I explain how I could have forgotten to get her a plane ticket too?

He called me last night to describe the flight delays, and the wild ride on the twin prop plane that wasn't too much bigger than our family van. He said he was going out to walk by the water, reminding me that it was still light out where he is, up north.


Time does pass. And these comings and goings are good, even necessary, and unavoidable, actually. But they do get one emotional and sentimental.


Miriam said...

I love, just love, getting to know your family through this blog. Such big hearts you have, such wonderful connections with each other, such interesting adventures. What a blessing - for all of you, and for your readers!

Jennifer said...

Such wonderful goings on, and comings and goings, even with all their inherent emotion. Smiles, friends, memories, adventures, hellos and goodbyes -- the stuff summers are made of.

warren said...

Poor Maria...she looks darling but sad. Better to be home than riding on one of those dang dual props though!

Tracy said...

This is so sweet... I could just cry! Feel like we're right there with you all, Natalie. You family is our family. Thank you for sharing so much. Sorry not to be around much... I've been unwell lately, but turning the corner. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I love how you love, Natalie.