Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Small Break From Domestic Duties

Technically I am cleaning the house, putting papers in our wonderful new filing cabinet, sorting our treasures, making our home shiny and right.


Don't tell anyone, I wrote this small post about our last days of June. I won't even write much… just post pictures from our impromptu Old Town visit with Ruth and Nick, then our evening at the San Diego County Fair Del Mar Fair. And for the sake of expediency I will not write an apologetic-defensive explanation for why Maria wore the same dress twice this week. I am okay with it.

It should be noted that all four of my beautiful children were in attendance on these excursions. But only one of them will *sign the media contract* and agree to make an appearance on Chickenblog. So, no pictures of them sampling pizza on a stick, or of all of them getting the twenty-five cent foot massages. That's okay. I have the pictures, and the memories, and they are all good.

Now back to the stack of... stuff at the foot of our bed.


nikkipolani said...

Love that shot of Maria and the cat -- two cuties contemplating each other. Shall we be best friends?

"Media contract"? Bummer. Cats and chickens are fair game though. And cute smiling piggies :-)

Julie said...

(Oh, I somehow managed to write a comment and delete it AGAIN. Sheesh, why is this so hard for me? :D)

You always manage to make me laugh. That "media contract" comment was a good one! (Tough business people you're dealing with.)

Lovely photographs, as per usual!

The Words Crafter said...

These are terrific pictures, quietly the pig and Maria is gorgeous!

Miriam said...

Beautiful daughter, beautiful photos. I just love country fairs, and it looks like you went to a good one - it made me long for the freshly cooked little sugar doughnuts that are a staple food at our local fairs.

I understand about media contracts - my sweetie won't let me post any photos of her. So when she starts to back out of a shot I have to assure her I understand the distinction between photos for the blog and photos for my heart.

Tiglizzyclone said...

Ha! Media contracts sounds very complicated!

And I am sure that the stack of stuff at the end of my bed is larger than the stack at yours!

Tracy said...

Oh, what HAPPY DAYS... it shows in these photos. :o) Marie look so happy... LOVE that pig photo! Enjoy the summer... ((HUGS))

Rebecca Ramsey said...

How I love the fair! And I'm trying not to drool over all the long sleeve shirts and sweaters in the pics. We're so sweaty hot here. How refreshing!
Maria is beautiful. I'm so glad she allows the photos! (And enjoys them!)

Mama Spark said...

Must be that housecleanie kind of a day. Doing similar things here but would rather be sewing!!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Natalie!

Summer fun!! Love that pig, and maria is such a sweetie.:o)

Dropping in to wish you and the family a lovely 4th of July!



angela said...

Looks like lots of fun. Pizza on a stick boggles the mind a bit.

judy in ky said...

Such wonderful family times. The stuff at the foot of the bed can wait!