Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ugly Delicious :: Chocolate Edition

The family motto: Never give up, never surrender. Obviously, I really take this to heart, sometimes. Not necessarily in meaningful ways, and sometimes in the least meaningful ways... which explains how we end up with a cake that looks strikingly familiar. Now, where have I seen this disaster aberration gesture of maternal affection before?

Yes! Ugly Delicious! Strikes Again! A cake so lovingly made, it cannot be denied... it is special. A cake that teeters. A precarious assembly of wholesome confections procured from our dear friend and Fearless Flyer, Trader Joe.

Measured, mixed, and mashed "frosted," by me, the Fearlessly Flightless Chica Blogger.

Thank you. Thank you very much. I planned it this way. I have studied with a professional.

Maria added the gelatin-dye-free chocolate sprinkles. Jessica, Eli, James H., Alex, Max, William, Maria, Ferris, Homer, and I gathered together and we admired and adored it, and we were sort of in awe of it... it was amazing to see in person, close up. How did it stay nearly vertical? It was like the leaning tower of chocolate. Then James H. did the honor of slicing and serving, which was no small feat. Well done James H.

And it was so delicious and moist. It was like a Portal to cake goodness. It was Ugly Delicious.

Cake eating was followed by tent camping, movies, late night fun. And this morning I found an empty platter. I was silly enough to ask, "Wha' happened to the cake?"
William smiled, affectionately, he declared: "Success!"


  1. Ugly delicious is not so easily achieved. It takes love.
    I dont think I have ever made a beautiful delicious cake. I try to steer clear of cakes.

  2. What a glorious cake of great chocolate balancing magnitude!!! It really does look very delicious!

    The timing of this post couldn't have been more perfect for my self-confidence. I was baking a chocolate cake very late last night to take to a gathering this afternoon. Somehow in my dazed state, I decided it was a good idea to check the doneness with a spoon instead of a toothpick. It's been frosted over, but someone's going to have a strange looking piece of cake.

  3. I'm craving chocolate cake today, so that looks beautiful to me! : )

  4. Well, it wouldn't win a prize for its looks, but so long as it tastes delicious, what does it matter? The fact that you made it yourself means you have love for your family and that is beauty in itself!
    Blessings, Star

  5. Tara... I should steer clear of cakes, but I can't. So I won't. I should steer clear of tiered cakes!

    Julie... a slice that looks "strange" under frosting, would be a huge improvement for me! This cake was aesthetically doomed no matter what I used to test for doneness... lol

    Amy... no way. I saw your cake and it was gorgeous. Clearly baked and decorated with love. It had to taste yummy too. Everyone should see Bosena's birthday cake... go wish her a happy seventh birthday! (

    Carmar76... this was our first time using the pink box of mix from Trader Joes, and it was really good (tasting.) We like their mixes which have identifiable, simple ingredients... makes us feel a little better about our treats! This cake definitely answered the chocolate cake call for me.

  6. I have passed the 'One Lovely Blog Award' to you! To accept it just visit here...

  7. That is one awesome cake! As far as I am concerned, anything chocolate is automatically drool-worthy, and if it's topped by chocolate frosting it's even better. Never mind how much better it all tastes when it's made with love!

  8. You come up with the best phrases, Natalie! Ugly delicious. Awesome. I still crack up over free range dust bunnies.

  9. I think we both had the same cake decorating teacher! Mine look like that, too. But mmmm, it looks delicious!

  10. I love lovingly made food ;-)

  11. Heck, it looks like dessert to me!

  12. See the impact your posts have? I just googled this post because I made my own Ugly Delicious chocolate cake last week and wanted to compare photos....I call it a tie! :)

    I honestly loved my ugly little cake more because of its appearance. Perfect is so boring.


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